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And maybe just maybe we can get along l think maybe maybe baby I think oh i think '

1. Blow up bike seats. 

2. Horse shoes with number stamp on the hoof so you know what direction they walked in. 

3. Animal shaped bike seats. 

4. Drums on bike handle bar. 

5. Textured eye shadow. 


1. A website that shows how many military personnel died that day. 

2. A live poker game between two country leaders for entertainment. 

3. Edible cotton candy wigs

4. Bumper lane roads for drunk drivers.  

5. Translucent towel. . 



-Aaron Colantti
Author of 5 i de a s a day

DUDE can u even keep up with this shit or what?

1. Ice pack boxer briefs 
2. Ice cereal - KEEP IN FREEZER
3. 1 time use ice hats sold at the Zoo
4. Save all your cut hair. Fill a comforter with it. Now you are truly self sustained.
5. CRY CRY CRY all night.


1. Post man shoes with springs inside soles. 

2. Pringles cans that screw together with other empty cans so you want to buy more to build things

3. Pull down reusable paper window shades. 

4. Water and fish filled window curtains.

5. Pringle can hats

1. Flame light car headlights.

2. Full 4 lane slip and slide 

3. Stop lights that use live trees instead of a pole to hold it up. 

4. Shoes that keep a soil sample in the toe. Just kick the ground to collect. 

5. Shoes that release thousands of tiny marbles to slip on. Make it hard for a person to keep following you.

1. Hollow carrots to use for straws.

2. Toaster in dashboard on cars for early mornin' commuters. 

3. Tattoos at change colors when you lie. 

4. When you need something to do: 

Cook a large assortment of mini food, put it on a plate and give the squirrels a picnic. Take pictures. 

5. French press that has a button to re heat the already pressed liquid inside.


The fly

1. Water filled car tires. I don't know why. 

2. Emergency drinking water filled phone. 

3. Textured tattoos. 

4. Rope tube... Climb up to the top ... Now your thirsty... Just suck the water up from the bottom where you started. 

5. Email me:


1. Carhartt diapers designed for outdoor babies. 

2. Digital tick scanner to locate Ticks on body. 

3. Haunted camp ground. A haunted house that takes place around your tent.

4. A cabin with a glass roof. Under a clear stream. 

5. Big Magnets inside the water tunnel under bridges. Magnets pull metal waste from the stream. 


Guacamole flavor tooth paste

1. Guacamole flavor tooth paste.
2. Armpit pouches to put things that need to stay warm into. 
3. Liquid sandwich - food on the go. Turkey, roast beef or veggie! 
4. Bacon baked in to fresh bread. 
5. Mildew smell cologne.


NOISE twenty TWO

1. Road made of clear coated book covers. 
2. Raisin maker. A hat with grapes attached. 
3. Ocean ears. Head phones with shells instead of ear speakers. 
4. Pants with a mini air conditioner in the crotch to cool down both legs. 
5. Pom Pom nipple bra.


Fold This

1. Traffic jam ice cream truck and jam sandwich truck. 
2. Fold up car
3. Paint with taste... Just lick it! 
4. Giant fish tank at top of IDS tower with big sharks in it. 
5. Sticky car tires to collect road items.



1. Extendable shoes... For a lengthy investment. 
2. Glass floor bus anti litter campaign. 
3. Cigarettes with a tear off butts to encourage the throwing of only tobacco on the ground. 
4. Extendable car. 
5. Translucent mail trucks.


Post man Jim

1. Hot tub hammock. 

2. Fungi spore enriched trail wood chips. 

3. Outdoor kitchen. 

4. Finger print switch stickers for criminals. 

5. Canopy tree house campground.


1.  Extendable shoes... For a lengthy investment. 

2. Glass floor bus anti litter campaign. 

3. Cigarettes with a tear off butts to encourage the throwing of only tobacco on the ground. 

4. Extendable car. 

5. Translucent mail trucks.


Until further notice:

Until further notice: 

will be taking a hiatus from posting ideas online. 

I will be back. 


This ones the best one

1. Just quit and stop doing everything.

2. Just quit and stop doing everything. 





O - T

1. Edible rock candy keys for 1 time use

2. Robotic rollers on desk that dump everything into the trash every night.

3. Trash pit in the middle of your living room.

4. Sucka - A movie about a lolly pop.

5. Roller blades with hollow stash-spot wheels



1. Strawberry flavored Key chains

2. Oatmeal filled couch cushions

3. Rocket booster shoe roller blades.

4. Animal shoes. line of intricate animal shaped shoes. Many different animals.

5. Mushroom flavored cigarettes.



1. Hockey sticks that have space in the shaft to hold extra hockey pucks.

2. Secret compartment computer mice to hide things inside.

3. Crushed beer can wall paper (just nail them to your wall and eventually it will be wall paper)

4. Hot water dispenser fingers - plastic surgery procedure

5. Hot coffee soup.


maybe maybe

1. Blood ink pens - refillable anywhere, just jab and wait for your blood to fill the pen.

2. Mini hats for your pens to wear.

3. Genetically engineered christmas trees that grow ornaments.

4. Give a wild animal $500 in an attachable vel-crow  pouch.

5. Wet pockets. Made with slimy fabric.



1. #CabinPorn coffee table book

2. Stash spot hollow human bones to surgically replace real bones with. 

3. Rainbow ice cream slip and slide. 

4. Water slide public transportation instead of busses. 

5. Hot water dispensers at bus stops in winter time. 

Moss wall paper

1. Grass sidewalk 

2. Moss sidewalk 

3. Grass indoor carpet

4. Apple tree carpets

5. Moss wall paper 

Post Apocalypse - Ditto Bar - Random Titles?

1. Antler Handel bars

2. Antler Plow 

3.  Bone bike - bike from made out of bones.

4. Hollow water filled helmet. 

5. Watermelon air tank. 

Towel Cape

1. Hammock jacket. 

2. Shoes with inflatable rafts that come out of the souls. 

3. Camel back hats 

4. Beer cans with breathalyzer attached. 

5. Towel Cape 

What the fuck!

1. A contest where people look for a ringing cell phone somewhere in the city. 

2. Use a text conversation from the past 3 months to make a screen play with.

3. Velcro on the bottom of socks and inside of shoes for traction. 

4. Shoes thst excrete lube on bottom when needed to do cool slides while you are walking. 

5. Coffee tables with a hole in the middle to place a potted plant inside. 

... And here's a picture about religion: 


Pictures! You love pictures!

1. Street lockers - @ bus stations. (for terrorists and drug dealers to use ;)

2. Maple Eggies (below)

3. Use a canoe as a snow sled.

4. Car brand that has a printer/copy machine in trunk. (like a 5 disk cd changer)

5. Panic protection. A app that automatically assigns an '!' on txt messages when your heart is beating fast.


1. Scrambled eggs
2. Diced onions
3. Tomato
4. Kale
5. Tahini sauce


Dinner @ my parents

Photo & ideas from Quintassi Coincidence

1. Bike tires with treads designed to make sound

2. Body coolers (like hand warmers but opposite) for hot days (like Ice but cooler(more stylish))

3. Bandanna that slowly releases cold water

4. Bike seat vibrators

5. Pedal foot massage

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