A major municipal bankruptcy estimating to about $18–20 billion, is also another reason for the abandonment in Detroit. This bankruptcy was the largest bankruptcy filed in history of the United States. As a result of this bankruptcy a financial emergency was announced and about 60 percent of the population moved to other cities, leaving behind the abandoned houses ("Detroit files for bankruptcy protection".).



I think the answer to your question is no. the U.S government have never closed any city or town. Many cities and states like Blackwater of Arizona state, Cairo of Illinois state and Hughes of Arkansas state faced immigration of large population due to poverty. However, U.S government never completely closed any city of any state instead we always tried to control the poverty in the city.In case of Cairo, many people think that U.S government closed the city because of ever lowering poverty line in the city. But in reality United States government evacuated the city because of floods. Cairo was a center of seasonal floods due to its low elevation level above the river (Braesch, 2011). Therefore, the U.S government evacuated the city to keep the population safe from floods and destruction. Moreover, economic decline, racial turbulence and internal riots have never allowed the city to be populated so people migrated from the city.



During the 2010 census, Detroit had 713,777 residents. The population statistics represents a noteworthy 25% decline from the 2000 statistics. With 162,924 families living within the city, 34.4% of the families had children below 18 years of age.
Detroit, as a symbol of the worsening American manufacturing industry, is undertaking serious countermeasures in order to improve its finances and come out from the bankruptcy zone. The case of water services has become a major problem for the residents of the city.
Detroit reached a decision to disconnect water services to residents who failed to pay their bills for more than two months. Failure to clear bills has resulted to disconnection of water services. In October 2014, Detroit had increased water rates by 8.7% in order to recompense for the crumbling infrastructure.

Katie Rucke, a writer the Mint Press News, reported that over 700,000 residents are presently living with no water access after the city’s department of Water and Sewerage disconnected their water owing to unpaid bills. With the rate of poverty and unemployment shooting to 40%, the residents continue to struggle to pay their water rates, which have increased to about 119% over the last ten years.

Lack of water supply implies the inability to take a shower, use the toilet, take medications, and cook. Homes have been abandoned and condemned forcing the residents to move into streets. Families are forced to choose between sanitation and other basic needs for instance food, clothing, and healthcare.

With the Water and Sewerage department setting its sights on residents delinquent on their bills, 150,000 households will be forced to plunge into a sanitation crisis. A third of Detroit’s population live under to the poverty line, and the consequences of poor sanitation will mean an increase hardship, diseases, and death. Electricity or gas cut off is another problem faced by Detroit residence and presents a destabilizing and debilitating experience.



The current living conditions in Detroit, Michigan, remain baffling given the number of demolished houses, apartments lacking water, and the absence of electricity and plumbing in several residential areas.

 Rose Hackman, a writer with The Guardian, suggests that more than 40,000 houses and buildings remain in deplorable conditions; thus, qualify for urgent blight removal. Despite the tide of humanity brought by U.S auto industry and several accounting firms, Detroit has around 78,000 abandoned and disfigured buildings.

The abandoned houses represent about one-fifth of the city's housing stock.  The housing density in Detroit has declined due to disfigurement of houses and buildings. Population collapse has played a key role in rising statistics of abandoned commercial buildings and homes.



1. On November 30th go to this DRUG BUDGET SHOW

2. Slime water balloons.

3. Make fake blood with beet juice.

4. Button up shirts with buttons that change colors with your mood.

5. Free candy bowl @ bus stations.


mmmmm Eggs

1. Buy some wool.

2. Hair binders that change color with the mood of your hair.

3. Spell a word with hot sauce to make your food more appetizing... MMMMMM egggs (I think)

4. Call me on my phone: 651-600-4142 ( I most likely wont answer. )

5. Water Chair - Like a water bed but its a arm chair.


100 houses

1. Ideal Idea - 

2. Take  a picture of all the houses on your block in each season. 1 block 4 seasons .com 

3. Beard braids that wrap around your neck like a necklace. 

4. Random color generating shirt. Changes color when it wants to.

5. Clothes that change color every time you wash them. 



1. Live here. For free.

2. Healthy food stores in as many places as Subway. 

3. Coffee butter - like peanut butter that you can put on bread. 

4. Pants that heat up when you wear them. 

5. Underground sidewalks for postmen. 


Robo Cod

1. Floor hockey company that uses old tires to make balls.

2. Students of The World - Traveling camp school for people who think college is not hands on enough. 

3. Metal cameras for extreme filming.

4. Clothing sewn from steal wool 

5. The tea house - put hot tea dispensers in all the bus shelters on cold days. 


Bunk Chair B Day

1. Sunglasses that make you see life how others see it.

2. Go to the orchestra on your birthday. 

3. Spot lights at all mcdonalds so you can see them miles away. 

4. Cars that have bean bag chairs instead of seats in back. 

5. Two story chairs - Bunk Chair


Fake Ectasy

1. A song or computer program designed to get a song that is tuck in your head out of your head.

2. Ropes corse in your house.

3. Perma-Trip - A hospital you can go to where they put you in a box with a computer screen to live the rest of your life in fake ecstasy.

4. Pills you can take to make your blood different fun colors!

5. Secret plastic surgery pockets in your butt.


Toast Boast

Mongolia- Altai Mountains 
1. Stretch. Do it now. 

2. Rotten Watermelon distributors for shooting targets. 

3. Wooden city streets for the rich. 

4. Write a message on the beams inside the wall. Write a blog address at which you have written the finder a message.

5. Pine needle candies. 


Be pretty.

1. Write a word with hair dye in your hair.

2. A place like a library that is only filled with nice computers & fast internet - provided by government 

3. Police cars that glow in the dark. 

4. Shoes with converter belts on the bottle to glide you forward.

5. Houses that grow from a seed. 

These ideas were written in: Bemidji. 

Wait, no they were written in Virgina... 

Wait..... no, 

Ann Arbor, Michigan. 


6ixty 6ix

1. When setting the table for a reoccurring meal -
Come up with a new ways to organize the people every night, see if they can guess how it was done. 
Oldest to youngest? Tallest to shortest? Dog lovers on one table, cat lovers on the other? 

2. Build a home in a old store front with trash pieces left over from store. 

Oakland, CA
3. A machine that can record the ringing sound that is your ears. 

4. When writing numbers, always use the number instead of the first letter. 

1ne 2wo 3hree 4our 5ive 6ix 7even 8ight 9ine and so on....

It is much easier than remembering the first letter, and it is faintly eligible !!


Rest Hospital

1. Rest Hosptial in Africa where anyone can come 2 times a year to sleep in nice queen size beds and eat healthy food.

2. A creativity center that focuses on health through communication, art and creativity. Funded by companies needing creative youth to make their ads so they look cool, and generous. (Because they would be ) 

3. A movie about drinking cleaning supplies:
Link here 

4. Art tires for cars -  when you push a button they turn in to giant markers that roll ink on the street below. 

5.  Light up divider lines on highway.


Art outa Art

1. Beet juice lotion.

2. Use beets to dye your clothes red.

3. Make art out of art.

4. Build a hot tub under your bed so your friends don't get it all nasty.

5. Underground fast food restaurant chain - literally.


New Port

1. Give each of the 50 biggest companies the legal responsibility to provide city services in one state.

2. A website that you can give your bank info to - they take 2 cents out of every dollar you ever deposit to give to charity of your choice. 

3. Writing parks with nice tables for writing.

4. City run gardens - city residents have share in crop 

5. A movie about chocolate? From 2009? 


Coffee Calender

1. Public talk show, call in wait for beep and talk public ally in the radio about anything to one other random person.

2. Advent calendar we with one serving of coffee grounds in each compartment every day.

3. Translucent plastic road signs with fluorescent reflective print.

4. Seeing eye frog.  

5. Life Force - an action movie about Anthroposophy.


Cologne Fight

1. Scratch and sniff suit coats (smell like cologne)

2. Cologne fight!

Don't forget to bring your super soaker and a few gallons of the worst smelling cologne!

3. Scratch and sniff hair binders that smells like nice shampoo

4. Write a book about your life after the apocalypse.

5. Candy flavored cell phone cases.  


Da Lost Note Book

1. If you loose your trip journal, rewrite history with how you remember it:


The Stone People
 The Lost Note Book by Aaron Colantti and Aria Aria Aria

2. A website where you can bet on states legalizing Marijuana like horses at a race. 

3. Travel cars that have sleeping compartments underneath the seats. 

4. Have a party, make a fake person sitting in the corner, see if people try to meet him. 

5. Explain something to someone by asking another friend to draw a picture of something you forgot to get a picture of.


Row Boat

1. Pot luck where people bring mixed ingredients to cook together. Mystery ingredient.

2. 100% translucent stove.

3. 100% translucent police cars.

4. Google image search slide show narration's about anything.

5. Drone videos of snow boarding.


In a boat!

1. Give people meal tickets so they come over for dinner. 
2. Robots with real seaman for sex.

3. Interstate walking road. 

4. A machine that makes your hand a phone you can talk and listen through.

5. Repaint your street blue. Pretend your in a boat when you drive on it.  


The Ghost of Halloween Past

1. Paul Bunyans Halloween Blood Bath

2. Korhonens Halloween Blood Bath

3. Dead Guy Poker


5. 2 Sided one piece costumes for many options.


Bag Man - The Hit TV Series!!

1. Bag Man - The host of a TV Series !

2. Firewood called "Money"

3. Make a slingshot that can sling a rock across the ocean.

4. Paint each of your floor boards different shades of blue.

5. Sunken hot tub in living room under glass coffee table.


Scary Shit

1. Find a friend who is camping. Scare the shit out of them.

2. Talk in a british accent for the next month to see if you can get people to do it with you.

3. A radio show interviewing the same person on different type of drugs each episode.

4. Conveyer belt cars with only one wide conveyor belt wheel. Kinda like a tank.

5. Small shelters inside of each sidewalk square for homeless people. Self cleaning from city water line.


Nick Zepeda - San Francisco

1. Harvest the energy from light pollution with a big flat drone that flies above the city and places with lots of gas stations.


2. Solar panel drones that never stop flying.

3. Drone classes, why you should and should not be scared of flying objects.
Name of class: The times they are a changin'

4. Rap a copyrighted song / make a music video with ur friends.
Blog it.
AINT NOTIN' youtube can do now.

5. Bright colored butter sticks, mix colors to get the color you want!

Video: 2009 i5 - Notorious BIG "Gimme The Loot" - Denied by Youtube because of copyright 



1. Internet service that will rate your ok Cupid account attractiveness.

2. Secret fort undetneath a river. 

3. Basement pig farm. 

4. Underwater roller coaster tours. 

5. Hollow fake trees filled of survival goods.


The Key

1. Liquid chocolate face mask.

2. Humans put effort into utilizing Bio luminescence to make humans glow in the dark.

3. Cartoon of a man getting rescued by a cargo ship.

4. Leave post-it notes in cabinets and under toilet seats around work with jokes on them.

5. Stone texture 3M tape.


Free Food

1. Mealsurfing.com free dinners around town. 

2. Yard signs that say 'free food' when you have left overs you don't want. 

3. A service that takes excess food restaurants to farms to feed pigs. 

4. Law forcing grocery stores to use seperate dumpster system for food that's still okay.

5. Law forbidding locks on commercial dumpsters.



1. Trash Can that says 'The Past'

2. Build your house underneath a river. Accessible only to people with scuba equipment.

3. REGULAR cold Coffee in a can at gas stations. Are there seriously NONE?

4. Replace your stairs with a fireman pole.

5. Fill your friends car with plastic balls to make a ball pit / extremely safe car.


A broken heart -

1. Cool thing to say if someone's tells you are the same as everyone else: 
"I am just the same as those who would choose to follow if I left."

2. Drug dog for shady drug dealers to find and steal drugs with.

3. Candy called ' Dog Food '

4. Brightly colored oatmeal that tastes like fruity pebbles.

5. Tattoo a Clapboard on your pointer finger + your thumb.


Finding Andrew #1

1. Find Andrew in Mongolia

2. Stamp sole shoes - Ink em up to leave your mark

3. Rubber tack boards

4. Ocean water sold in bottles for alternative remedies.

5. Smoke filled (mini smoke machine inside) translucent bike frame.


1. American flag on the roof of your car. (last clip of video)

2. Interstate Opposite Day where u drive on the wrong side of the road. 

3. Interstate bike highway. 

4. Gravebook.com 
Where ur FB profile moves when you die. 

5. QR codes on graves to access your Gravebook page. *



Collective Candy

1. DIY crafts: make something at home with random items you find around.

2. pipe cleaners, napkins, doilies, you name it. See what you come up with. Or try something you find on Pinterest.

3. Go to an amusement park or water park. Most cities have them, and if you live in a bustling metropolis, this is a great way to relax and escape, alone or with someone else.

4. Go to a new type of bar or restaurant, preferably one with a cool theme. Try a place like Washington DC’s Boardroom, where patrons can have a pint and play a game at the same time.

5. Take a day trip, or an overnight trip. Find a cool area that’s a bit of a ways, but not too far, from where you live. Check out their sites. Stay in a bed and breakfast.

ideas by - Jenna link to her page 


Something New -

1. Cook something new. Pick an ingredient or food you’ve never tried, and work with it. See what you can create.

2. Try to sit down and write. Whether or not creative writing comes naturally to you, journaling, or just writing down thoughts and feelings, can be a great way to decompress and even have some fun.

3. Do something out of your comfort zone. Zip line, bungeejump, go to dinner alone, whatever it is, try something you’ve been afraid to try. You’ll grow a lot from the experience.

4. Camp out in your backyard. Not exactly roughing it, but a wonderful way to spend quality time with your family.

5 And finally, do something nice for someone else. Write a letter to grandma, buy a significant other some flowers, or help a friend move. It’s the little gestures that count most in the end, and nothing feels better and is more fun than giving back.

Ideas by: david 583 link to his page


Rodent Weapons

1. Pay professional actors to say nonsensical things on video. 

2. Rodent weapons. Let loose six-hundred thousand rats in a city you wish to destroy.

3. Crude and rude word for vagina: Penis Glove

4. Put doll arms in front of the camera on a drone so it looks like you are seeing through super mans eyes.

5. Foot straps on top of car to stand in to ride like snowboard while friend drives.



1. Stop sign lamp.

2. A website that organizes and displays video footage of mundane things

3. Chia pet bike

4. plastic surgery skin pocket

5. Drug dog for shady drug dealers to find and steal drugs with.


2055 - The Year of the Blog

1. Sit on your back with your feet in the air. Pretend you are tip toeing on stars across the night sky.

2. Song concept: there is so much left to explore

3. Cat and dog harnesses that have a cowboy doll that sits on their back.

4. All Night movie night.

5. Make a blog that is scheduled to post every day in the year 2055.


Star candy

1. Send all the shirts u make to thrift stores in the middle of no where

2. Blueberry hint tobacco

3. A radio station juke box publicly fueled by txt. 

4. Put ground Star Annise in your joints. 

5. Simulatedhappiness.com A website that litterally makes you feel happy when you go to it. 



1. Translucent bathtub.

2. A t shirt covered in pockets.

3. House deck made on top of a massive fish tank. Deck floor is see through and lights illuminate the water below your feet. 

4. A robot that draws the story people tell it.

5. Edible garden on roof, water is pumped from tank below (inside deck) water drips off roof along vines back in water to help feed fish.

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