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Comin out on pop

1. Jewelry for cars to wear. 

2. Plastic surgery to make all of your toes look like toy cars. 

3. A surgeon who performs on you while you are being driven a cross the country- mobile surgeon 

4. A canvas that is many canvas pieced together in a way that can be disconnected when painting is finished.  

5. Fish shaped backpack. 


1. Plant growing races.

2. Apples with cream cheese inside. 

3. City kiddy pool day, where the whole city is a giant pool party.

4. Parking garages underneath streets as to not take up space.

5. A shop that gives animals piercings. 


Resident of the month

1. Resident of the month - like employee of he month for city residents.

2.  Car pool lanes on all in-city highways for the resident of the month.

3. A pack of fake Velcro cockroaches to attach to your dog for Halloween. For sale a Halloween super stores. 

4. Contests performed by doctors at festivals to see who in attendance is the most healthy person across the board. 

5. The suit makes it possible for ur whole body to be hung on a hook. A great place to sleep! 


Beer bomber

1. Night vision goggle golf.

2. Packaging made of edible dried pasta, with rice cracker foam protection. No More Waste! 

3. Car interiors that fold completely flat into double beds

4. Goggles that you can't see through but guide you around things at night with inferred. 

5. Styrofoam 1 time use car bumpers. 


Dope Candy

1. Gloves that vibrate when you get a txt message.

2. A food shelf free donated food chain restaurant.

3. Drugs that make you sober when you are drunk or high - called Double Negative

4. MutantPlastics A company that makes and instals plastic surgery 3rd arms for humans.

5. Plug in mugs that keep your drink warm. (does this already exist?)



1. Liquid filled rings for emergency hydration.

2. camelbak water bag shirts. - Fill up your clothing with water (you might look a little fat until you drink it all)

3. A shipping company  (Fedex) that leases, maintains and recycles all shipping materials.

4. Credit cards made of wax.

5. Glass or translucent plastic Ant Farm Bike Frame (with live Ants inside).


Tomorrow isn't the problem...

1. Clogs made out of ice.

2. Danger signs in front of McDonalds and other fast food places.

3. Floor security cameras. 'For a whole new way of looking at things' 

4.  Fill someone's pillow case with all your dirty socks.

5. An App that shows how many hours you worked @ ur job  and how much your pay check will be - in real time - (amount shown in top right corner by your battery fullness indicator)


I've got no breaking news for you .

1. Clothing line that promises to sell the exact same style clothes for 85 years without visible change or modification to sizing.

2. Blow up bike frames.

3. Fire pits in waiting rooms. 

4. Furniture apolstered in cardboard. 

5. Sandpaper shoe soles 


Rope ice

1. A famous Artist that travels the world hiding art in hard to find places.

2. Fountains with water that goes up hill. 

3. Tinder for people with STD's called 'Fuck it' 

4. Floating aquariums 

5. Bill board fountains with water pouring over ad but ad is still visible. 


No body's putty

1. Water filled muffins.

2. Refrigerated cerial with milk inside. 

3. Municipal duty like jury duty for city jobs. 

4. Vibrating bycicle seats for woman.

5. Semi truck aquariums that drive around city. 


Warm liquid

1. Shoes that vibrate right of left to give directions.

2. Yarn fences

3. A website that tracks all police and what they are doing. 

4. Heated wrist watches 

5 chocolate coated cups that melt when warm liquid is added. 


Light show

1. Non the weed like decaf coffee

2. Toilet seats with water and fish inside. 

3. Toilets that weigh your poop. 

4. Coats with backpack built in to back.

5. Bluetooth speakers that also make a light show to music. 


Ur party

1. A drug that makes you think you are one if your friends instead of yourself

2. Self cleaning clothes 

3. A service that puts you to sleep and ships you to your destination. 

4. R u my mommy? 
A service that wakes you up for school. 

5. A collective of really cool girls that will come to ur party. 



1. Alagator shaped pickles.

2. Cover your phone in electrical tape instead of buying waterproof case

3. Robots that walk around eating garbage. 

4. Quilts filled with grinder up sterilized trash instead of feathers. 

5. Use band aids on eyes to block light when sleeping


New products

1. Clothing made out of solar panels.

2. Hair stencils to cut in shapes to hair.  (For dogs too) 

3. Phones that have little printers inside them. 

4. Genetically engeneered vines with really sharp thorns to be used like barbed wire. 

5. A t shirt line of old children's tv shows. 


Love triangle

1. Trees bread to have red leaves shaped like hearts.

2. City commissioned musical instruments attached to street lights for people to play.

3. Fruit trees for public consumption on street. 

4. Glow in the dark cigarette papers for rolling tobacco in the dark. 

5. Hat with fold down eye cover flaps. 


Kate the great

1. Cup holders on sides of shoes.

2. Waterproof bike sterio system

3. Hat with inflatable pillow in back. 

4. Hat with fold down eye flaps. 

5. Coats that can be filled with grass and sand for more thickness and warmth. 


Dope sauce

1. Heated underwear

2. Shoes with warmers on the bottom to melt ice.

3. Toilet seats with weights on back so it stays verticle when not in use (and the pee drips off) 

4. Ant farm see through sidewalks 

5. Flirt detector app. Find out if they are flirting with you. 


Reality tv show

1. Reality TV show about a trash can and all that happens around it.

2. An app that automatically checks in with your parents and tells them you are doing something wholesome. 

3. Sculptures made with yarn and hairspray. 

4. An app that takes your temperature. 

5. Government issued FB pages for newborns.


The plague

1. Dye the city water red for Aprils fools day.

2. Give our free pancakes on May Day.

3. Colorful toilet paper.

4. Sky scrapers made completely of glass including the floors and structure. 

5. A group of groupies called 'the band aids' 


lake of thunder

We waited to find what we knew would not come

Though it past faster than before the war was not done

Still waiting for more, the sleep did not take

He took a deep breath from the bottom of a lake. 

Ocean sadness

1. Snickers with twice inside.

2. Bikes with tent rolled up inside top tube. Bike can be used as poles.

3. Long games to play at airports like Settlers of Catan.

4. Trip planners that don't tell you your destination. They do the packing for you.

5. Boats that glow in the dark so they don't need lights.



1. Notebooks with holes in the paper like windows on random pages. 

2. Orange juice filled fish tanks.

3. A toy that omits a wave that let's you draw inside clouds like an etchasketch 

4. Marbles thst contain the ash of dead loved ones inside. 

5 Drone drop days - when drones drop presents for people all over the world so they all lighten up about the whole drone thing. 


1. A grocery store that also offers the use of a nice kitchen, dishes and tables.

2. Free bike lights @ DMV.

3. White board car paint. Attach dry erase markers all over for people to draw with. 

4. White board bike paint.

5. Weed smuggled in professionally packaged tea bags and boxes.


1. A pill to make your swear taste and smell like chocolate.

2. A pill for make your poop smell profusely like roses. 

3. A porn site called:

4. Repaint the yellow lines on the highway blue just to fuck with you. 

5. Introduce a new species to your town over ten years. Keep buying more (of that animal) every pay check and releasing them to the streets. 


1. Solar panel hats.

2. Fitness center that powers lights with workout machines.

3. Candy flavored nail polish.

4. Juice milk

5. A law that illegalizes the use of plastic bags at stores. 


1. Line a dark path in the woods with Christmas lights.

2. Ghost stories about toasts coming out of dirty diapers to scare children in to alerting the parent when they poopy. 

3. Fear based quit smoking plan. 

4. Little plastic windows in the front of milk cartons to see the contents. 

5. Lighter doozie that has pockets. 


1. Floating Movie theater. 

2. Underwear with pockets.

3. Under water vending machines.

4. Shark tanks that float in public pools.

5. Coffee mugs that have a light in the bottom that shines up. 



1. Airport safe bike bags that turn in to bike racks for bike touring. 

2. Shoes that look like turtles 

3. Food balls of all the different food groups crammed in to a ball. 

4. Hats made out of marshmallow. 

5. First aid kit that can be placed inside your bike seat post. 


My friends they understand me but my life makes no sense. I wish I had volumes to explain where I went. 

I've found flowers are words so now I grow books, as pretty as angels with dark eyes like hooks.

I spend all my time building cities in my mind and open my eyes I find I'm still blind. 

In darkness I wait until I am dead, just to be reborn and re read what I said. 

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