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1. Mini blow guns marketed as mouse traps.

2. Buy 2 million fake views for a youtube account that is not yours so Youtube cancels their account.

3. Trail cam pictures of a mouse in your house.

4. Start a service like Tinder for presidential elections - swipe right if you vote for them swipe left to send em packin'

5. Tree Vision - live video feed of what the tree sees.


Oil oli free the oxen (Kronmiller)

1. Two way mirrors for your windows. 

2. Tinted windows for your home. 

3. Windows with realistic painting of your living room so house always looks empty.

4. Windows that absorb and concentrate sunlight to super heat your home.

5. Adjustable windows. No need for curtains, dim switch on windows,  range from clear to black.


Welcome the Monkey

1. Windows as movie screens. Play movies on your window.

2. Shoes with springs inside that generate energy to charge your phone. 

3. Public phone chargers that look like pay phones and cost 50cents.

4. A class at school about how to use the internet safely.

5. Shoes with pockets in the soles to stash things in. 



1. Fake razor blades that are not sharp to put on the ground to make a point.

2. OLED flags so u can change what flag is shown. 

3. Netflix games where if you watch a certain amount of documentaries you unlock new release movies. 

4. OLED Clothes that change colors so you don't need to change shirts. 

5. Underwear with Christmas ornaments hanging off the bottom. 


Don't stop

1. Flags that glow in the dark so you don't need to shine a light on them

2. LCD screen finger nails with one number of what time it is on each finger and am or pm on thumb

3. Surgically implanted vibrators in skin that vibrate when ur phone rings

4. Dog collars that give commands and can sense if they are obeyed.

5. Vaporizers that look like inhalers to smoke in public


Red Bull syringes

1. A OK Cupid app that beeps loudly when you are within 20 ft of a 90% or above match. 

2. A feature length movie where all the characters are played by toys held by people talking for them like when kids play. 

3. A group thst inspects the city inspectors. 

4. Red bull syringes.

5. hamster tunnels inhabited by hamsters that generate energy when they move around. 


Dum dum dum dum

1. Food truck that gathers left overs from restaurants to make nummy food.

2. Website quiz that helps determine the EXACT name of your favorite color. 

3. A restaraunts called 'Stinky Food' 

4. A radio station that is just a guy reading stories... Maybe Mark Wheat will do it. 

5. A Facebook like service that pays you for your info. 


Outdoor research is gonna send me a coat for the winter in the spring!

1. Ball sack door knocker

2. Ocean houses thst float

3. Coats that heat up when it's cold

4. Pants that shave your legs when you where them 

5. Make a movie ago the OR coat that took over a month to ship. 


Cloth Sunglasses

1. Fill a wrapped box with balloons for a kids present.

2. Paint that changes colors over time so it doesn't get boring.

3. Keyboards with little rollers so they move like a computer mouse.

4. Translucent candy.

5. Cloth sunglasses


Roast beefs

1. Hollow climbing ropes that work like a camel back for drinking water when climbing.

2. Glow in the dark books for night reading no light required.

3. Cut off all your hair, save it, use as a wig when you go bald.

4. Fish bowl tie. (Hollow see through tie with real fish inside)

5. Double decker tables for when you don't want a shelf but the tables not enough


candy camera

1. Candy that makes food less spicy.

2. Laundry basket built in to closet.

3. Frictionless flooring. 

4. High grip sandpaper flooring.

5. Carpets that light up under you as you walk for club entrances and famous people events.



1. Lambergeeny commercial insight- thats not a car, thats a lambergeeny. 

2. Water dispenser in cars.

3. Waffel maker built in car

4. Dirty laundry compartment in travel backpack.

5. Cell phone pocket with thick fabric to project you from the radiation. 


Juice whiskey

1. Whiskey that tastes and smells like juice.

2. Plastic surgery hiemen - to fake virginity. 

3. translucent sail boat mast thst lights up like a lights er. 

4. Sail boat mast that is a giant bong too. 

5. Ok Cupid app that starts beeping when you are close to a person with a high match. 



1. Mandatory skills .com
Free Public school curriculum for everyone.

2. Piano a website with many different levels of free piano lessons.

3. Best of .com website where people vote for the best of every possible category. 

4. Body decoy .com 

5. Cop watch signs in neighborhood like crime watch signs. 


Play- Doh

1. Nature window - flat screen tv in ur living room with live feed to video camera in beautiful forest.

2. Glow in the dark spray for covering ur walls when you have a party. 

3. Edible flavored playdoh 

4. Chia pet coffee table with short golf grass on top. 

5. Porno mags that come with Kleenex in back. 


Ocean pads

1. Mini mirror shoulder pads.

2. White board table. 

3. A app that can smell for you in case you have a bad nose. 

4. Marble track from St. Paul to Minneapolis.

5. Ocean camera. Buy at best buy, turn on, throw in to ocean access the live feed from the floating camera to witness life at sea.


Prissy Pup

1. Prissy pup .com dog clothes store

2. Ocean gerbil ball that floats for emergencys. 

3. Criminal watch gps implanted in to all convicts for super government bullshit 

4. Boyfriend trainer - shocks the tip of the penis when ur man is actin' up. 

5. Hot gage - app that has a robot tell you if people are hot or not so you don't have to make the choice. 


Green bread

1. Green bread

2. Fish flavored smoke cigs

3. Carnivals for animals 

4. Peec - pipe brand 

5. Trash bag seat covers from trash bag company. 



1. : Automatic status update store. They will follow you around and post what u do so don't need to waste your time. @fiveideasaday #ideafactory

2. Hollow fake vein in arm to transport drugs.

3. Toad statue hat

4. Morning breath - coffee brand 

5. Sell Christmas shirts on 4th of July to shock and anger consumers. 


High Tide

1. Instead of a fountain - a intricate wire track system with many marbles rolling down then being brought up by marble escalator to roll down again.

2. Claculate how much money's worth of things is in one skyscraper. 

3. Tattoo a line thst is exactly an ich on your finger to use for quick measurement. 

4. Free your self from your inhibitions and learn to literally fly.  

5. Giant water storage sponges to soak up muddy water.  


Glow Pills

1. Pills to make you grow glow in the dark hair.

2. Machine to put in your shower drain to trigger coffee to be made when you take a shower in the morning. 

3. Beach maze for tide to follow. Make a game for the ocean to play. 

4. Camoflage clothes that have secret manuals sewed on the inside solving any problem that could occur. 

5. Plastic surgery implanted watches that glow through the skin on wrist. 



1. Eye shadow that reflects very brightly when pictures are taken so you cannot see the users face.

2. Fake teeth you can play like a piano

3. Dance off circles painted on sidewalks.

4. Cars you can drive while laying horizontally.

5. Beach house thief - band name 


Mummy dog

1. Death vision .com (all black no links or nothing)

2. City hosted email accounts.

3. Google buys a island and starts a country.

4. Hats with little circle holes on top.

5. Wrap your dog in toilet paper for Halloween. Mummy dog


Baby Detector

1. Baby detector like a metal detector.

2. Flowers that smell strongly of fruit.

3. LCD screen vases for flowers.

4. Orange flavor milk call Orange Julius .

5. Put googly eyes on it.


Punishment Caluculator

1. Online punishment calculator.

2. Glasses that make it possible to detect vegetable or fruit ripeness.

3. Interpretative dance of peter and the wolf to techno music.

4. Strap that turns your phone in to a watch.

5. Goo filled carpets for a cushy walk.


Outdoor movie night

1. Outdoor movie night projected on a ice cliff.

2. 2 Planes projecting movies on each other for their plane to watch through the window.

3. Liquid filled speakers

4. App for night life, syncs phones to use their screen and camera flash to make a light show in crowd.

5. Ikea Desks with cat chill spot built in underneath. #ikea


Snot Pen

1. Snot Pen: From nose to pen, drips snot into ink to write with.

2. Sections of land designated for people to legally live 'off the grid'

3. Graffiti parks like skate parks

4. Art initiative where people paint the entirety of the sound barriers for a cross country highway.

5. A website that shows how diet changes your appearance.


Mineral Goggles

1. Ad campaign for pee gardens along highways.

2. Ad campaign to give distance to bikers while driving.

3. Ad campaign for Doll - Plant public fruit trees at rest stops in florida.

4. Climber walks the crest of mountain with bright light to get a long exposure light shot of the mountain outline from light.

5. Mineral Goggles that let you see the different minerals as you walk by them # googleglasses

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