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Donut Shop

1. Translucent sidewalk squares that have items for sale underneath. 

2. LCD stickers that can be changed remotely.

3. Whiskey breath suckers for people who want to smell like alcoholics. 

4. Juice coffee - just mix em together

5. Reindeer prints in sidewalk cement in Minneapolis. 


Shrink Wrap

1. A packing material that is not wasteful - maybe even beneficial.

2. Fill packages with dirt instead of peanuts. (put contents in a plastic bag)

3. Card board boxes with mushroom spores in it so it breaks down better.

4. City composting on every other block.

5. Boxes that shrink to the size of the object inside.


Solidified roadkill coffee tables.

1. Have 6 children. Name them all one of the senses.

2. Finding Andrew #2 (by the idea factory) Alaska

3. Clothes to put on your computer.

4. Have 6 children name them all a different color.

5. Solidified roadkill coffee tables.


Fair treatment certified.

1. For a commercial: gather up all the people begging for money on the street and make a music video with them in it. Pay them many dollars.

2. Blow up guiders for streets like they have at bowling lanes.

3. National sled to work day.

4. Keyboards that light up the keys in different colors depending on what day for the week it is in case you often forget.

5. A plant nursery that ALWAYS plays classical music to their plants. Fair treatment certified.


Candy Chips

1. Color one pubic hair blue and one red. See what one can grow longer than your penis first!

2. Google glasses that make everything you see Mindkraft blocks so you can virtually rearrange the world.

A campaign to make people not so homophobic: Gay community fruit tree sale

3. A campaign to make people make less trash: wheat paste dead whales on all the dumpsters in the city.

4. Color one pubic hair blue and one red. See what one can grow longer than your penis first!

5. Candy chips, chips with candy in the bag too!



1. Passwords for internet accounts that change depending on what day it is.

2. Public yoga matts cemented in the ground for hobo yoga.

3. Secret storage compartments in sidewalk squares.

4. Liquidator - a machine that grinds up old food for your dog - save on your pet expense - LIQUIDATE COSTS!

5. Mouse pads with your face on them!



1. A building built for people to burn it down when they are angry.

2. Big thermos containers that get small at the bottom so you can fit them in your car cup holder.

3. Make a contribution to by sending 5 pictures of your art to be showcased.

4. Get a cat, name it 'GF'

5. Free frozen yogurt out front of a really nice coat store during the winter. A sign that says 'cold doesn't scare us'



1. An app that turns your hand writing in to computer font. 

2. A contest to see who can walk the furthest during a 1 year period. 

3. Semi perminant skin dye. 

4. Scratch and sniff woman's underwear. 

5. Mirror tubes that bring sunlight in to the basement. 


Mr Jordan

1. Wood cars with wooden wheels.

2. Parking garages underground so as not to take up space. 

3. Bike team jerseys that say IDEA. 

4. Hoodies at have a red light on the left shoulder and a green one on the right (like a boat)

5. All City super soaker fight (open to the public) 


Message Queen

1. Graffiti recolor the ice rink with kool-aid.

2. Put a TV in the ice @ hockey games.

3. A show where they interview a randomly selected person from the world. If selected you must be interviewed (like jury duty)

4. A movie told from inside a package that is being sent to where the story ends.

5. A website that lets you send delayed emails to your self so you can talk to your self in the future.



1. Marshmallow cups that have a coating of meltable mallow on the inside for hot chocolate. 

2. Virtual suicide experience (website)  

3. Mini elevators for children and midgets. 

4. Moose Flavored ice cream (the animal) 

5. A whole movie with only ur feet as the characters.


Foot Trough

1. Go to college - Record every class you go to - make a youtube channel called freecollege

2. Stilts sold outside of sold out baseball games so you can see over the fence.

3. Lost dog section on craigslist

4. Long troughs filled with warm water at the foot of your couch for foot baths while you watch Net Flix.

5. Lotion that makes you look super weird in any picture taken - Looks normal in real life


I don't really know if anyone reads these... I have 11k followers on Twitter - 3800 on FB and (I'm convinced they don't actually exist. )

I have been coming up with ideas for a while.

I will most likely continue to do this until I'm 55.

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1. 'Glory Hole' shower curtains for sexy showers when ever you please.

2. Dog perfume

3. - where you bid to kill. (like but for killing)

4. Not Christian but like Christmas? NEWTONMAS! His b day was on Dec. 25th and his bible is science.

5. All bike lane city. NO CARS


Bike Skitchin'



3. Stickers welcoming Skitching:

4. Bike that can fill up with water so you do not need a water bottle. Drink like camel back (from tube)

5. Solid Gold Bike given to biggest bike innovation of every five years.


Tree Service - Ocean Fresh

1. Tree service that cuts your trees then turns it in to paper for you to use.

2. See through couches with sand and Ants inside to make giant ant farm couch.

3. Socks that use the curves in your feet to fill  a print of a sexy curvey lady. 

4. Government job: ocean janitor 

5. Window washer for I pads 


Color Crayon Printer

3d crayon printers that let you create any color crayon 

Piggy bank machines that store money in hard drive - takes bills like pop machine 

Scanners made to quickly scan entire note books

Lie creator app

Random game day


Rice Fried Dumbling

1. Cigarette smoking simulator glasses.

2. Plastic surgery see through stomach to watch yourself digest.

3. Free Wedding thursdays at the park

4. solar charging implanted dog cams to time-lapse pictures from dogs entire life

5. Vibrating pens to practice good writing


Play Kids Play!

1. Bathroom tiles of different pictures of your life.

2. Freedom - Nicotineless cigarettes

3. Playground that generates movement of kids to generate power the city. PLAY KIDS PLAY!

4. Tattoo eyeballs on your balls

5. Kids shirt with a picture of the inside of their tummy with a key in the bottom of it.


Plastic printer paper

1. Random color sharpie (30 cents cheaper)

2. Band flyer app that takes your picture for your lame band and makes a generic band flyer with your dumb faces on it.

3. Food unions. Pay into like insurance, get meal cards with participating restaurants.

4. Buy a generally ok brand of something, re decorate the box then re sell it as a different product.

5. Plastic printer paper made from melted computer parts.


Though I missed ya...

Strap on tails

One handed salad - for eating with 1 hand while driving

Dog smelling museums for dogs to smell the pee of many different exotic animals

Candy ropes made for climbing in case you are extremely hungry

@fiveideasaday: Goats free in the city to now grass


Boast dog

1. Trash bags that wirelessly transmit how much waste we accumulate

2. Marijuana seed bomb entire freeway.

3. Only wear mascara on your lower eye lash

4. Self tickle machine

5. Shirts that look holographic when you take a picture of it ( shiney shirt)


Ogre Breath

1. Secret buttons around the city to encourage curiosity. 

2. Underwater cave consession stands at lakes - accessible by diving.

3. Sell the rights to name all the fish in a lake. 

4. Copyright your DNA.

5. Ogre breath horseradish sauce. 



1. Stupor Bowl 2015 (20th place)

2. Melted vegetable sandwich.

3. Completely see through post envelopes.

4. String cheese that looks like cigarettes.

5. Voice activated doors. "OPEN BITCH!'



1. Mini blow guns marketed as mouse traps.

2. Buy 2 million fake views for a youtube account that is not yours so Youtube cancels their account.

3. Trail cam pictures of a mouse in your house.

4. Start a service like Tinder for presidential elections - swipe right if you vote for them swipe left to send em packin'

5. Tree Vision - live video feed of what the tree sees.


Oil oli free the oxen (Kronmiller)

1. Two way mirrors for your windows. 

2. Tinted windows for your home. 

3. Windows with realistic painting of your living room so house always looks empty.

4. Windows that absorb and concentrate sunlight to super heat your home.

5. Adjustable windows. No need for curtains, dim switch on windows,  range from clear to black.


Welcome the Monkey

1. Windows as movie screens. Play movies on your window.

2. Shoes with springs inside that generate energy to charge your phone. 

3. Public phone chargers that look like pay phones and cost 50cents.

4. A class at school about how to use the internet safely.

5. Shoes with pockets in the soles to stash things in. 



1. Fake razor blades that are not sharp to put on the ground to make a point.

2. OLED flags so u can change what flag is shown. 

3. Netflix games where if you watch a certain amount of documentaries you unlock new release movies. 

4. OLED Clothes that change colors so you don't need to change shirts. 

5. Underwear with Christmas ornaments hanging off the bottom. 

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