1. On November 30th go to this DRUG BUDGET SHOW

2. Slime water balloons.

3. Make fake blood with beet juice.

4. Button up shirts with buttons that change colors with your mood.

5. Free candy bowl @ bus stations.


mmmmm Eggs

1. Buy some wool.

2. Hair binders that change color with the mood of your hair.

3. Spell a word with hot sauce to make your food more appetizing... MMMMMM egggs (I think)

4. Call me on my phone: 651-600-4142 ( I most likely wont answer. )

5. Water Chair - Like a water bed but its a arm chair.


100 houses

1. Ideal Idea - 

2. Take  a picture of all the houses on your block in each season. 1 block 4 seasons .com 

3. Beard braids that wrap around your neck like a necklace. 

4. Random color generating shirt. Changes color when it wants to.

5. Clothes that change color every time you wash them. 



1. Live here. For free.

2. Healthy food stores in as many places as Subway. 

3. Coffee butter - like peanut butter that you can put on bread. 

4. Pants that heat up when you wear them. 

5. Underground sidewalks for postmen. 


Robo Cod

1. Floor hockey company that uses old tires to make balls.

2. Students of The World - Traveling camp school for people who think college is not hands on enough. 

3. Metal cameras for extreme filming.

4. Clothing sewn from steal wool 

5. The tea house - put hot tea dispensers in all the bus shelters on cold days. 


Bunk Chair B Day

1. Sunglasses that make you see life how others see it.

2. Go to the orchestra on your birthday. 

3. Spot lights at all mcdonalds so you can see them miles away. 

4. Cars that have bean bag chairs instead of seats in back. 

5. Two story chairs - Bunk Chair


Fake Ectasy

1. A song or computer program designed to get a song that is tuck in your head out of your head.

2. Ropes corse in your house.

3. Perma-Trip - A hospital you can go to where they put you in a box with a computer screen to live the rest of your life in fake ecstasy.

4. Pills you can take to make your blood different fun colors!

5. Secret plastic surgery pockets in your butt.


Toast Boast

Mongolia- Altai Mountains 
1. Stretch. Do it now. 

2. Rotten Watermelon distributors for shooting targets. 

3. Wooden city streets for the rich. 

4. Write a message on the beams inside the wall. Write a blog address at which you have written the finder a message.

5. Pine needle candies. 


Be pretty.

1. Write a word with hair dye in your hair.

2. A place like a library that is only filled with nice computers & fast internet - provided by government 

3. Police cars that glow in the dark. 

4. Shoes with converter belts on the bottle to glide you forward.

5. Houses that grow from a seed. 

These ideas were written in: Bemidji. 

Wait, no they were written in Virgina... 

Wait..... no, 

Ann Arbor, Michigan. 


6ixty 6ix

1. When setting the table for a reoccurring meal -
Come up with a new ways to organize the people every night, see if they can guess how it was done. 
Oldest to youngest? Tallest to shortest? Dog lovers on one table, cat lovers on the other? 

2. Build a home in a old store front with trash pieces left over from store. 

Oakland, CA
3. A machine that can record the ringing sound that is your ears. 

4. When writing numbers, always use the number instead of the first letter. 

1ne 2wo 3hree 4our 5ive 6ix 7even 8ight 9ine and so on....

It is much easier than remembering the first letter, and it is faintly eligible !!


Rest Hospital

1. Rest Hosptial in Africa where anyone can come 2 times a year to sleep in nice queen size beds and eat healthy food.

2. A creativity center that focuses on health through communication, art and creativity. Funded by companies needing creative youth to make their ads so they look cool, and generous. (Because they would be ) 

3. A movie about drinking cleaning supplies:
Link here 

4. Art tires for cars -  when you push a button they turn in to giant markers that roll ink on the street below. 

5.  Light up divider lines on highway.


Art outa Art

1. Beet juice lotion.

2. Use beets to dye your clothes red.

3. Make art out of art.

4. Build a hot tub under your bed so your friends don't get it all nasty.

5. Underground fast food restaurant chain - literally.


New Port

1. Give each of the 50 biggest companies the legal responsibility to provide city services in one state.

2. A website that you can give your bank info to - they take 2 cents out of every dollar you ever deposit to give to charity of your choice. 

3. Writing parks with nice tables for writing.

4. City run gardens - city residents have share in crop 

5. A movie about chocolate? From 2009? 


Coffee Calender

1. Public talk show, call in wait for beep and talk public ally in the radio about anything to one other random person.

2. Advent calendar we with one serving of coffee grounds in each compartment every day.

3. Translucent plastic road signs with fluorescent reflective print.

4. Seeing eye frog.  

5. Life Force - an action movie about Anthroposophy.


Cologne Fight

1. Scratch and sniff suit coats (smell like cologne)

2. Cologne fight!

Don't forget to bring your super soaker and a few gallons of the worst smelling cologne!

3. Scratch and sniff hair binders that smells like nice shampoo

4. Write a book about your life after the apocalypse.

5. Candy flavored cell phone cases.  


Da Lost Note Book

1. If you loose your trip journal, rewrite history with how you remember it:

The Stone People
 The Lost Note Book by Aaron Colantti and Aria Aria Aria

2. A website where you can bet on states legalizing Marijuana like horses at a race. 

3. Travel cars that have sleeping compartments underneath the seats. 

4. Have a party, make a fake person sitting in the corner, see if people try to meet him. 

5. Explain something to someone by asking another friend to draw a picture of something you forgot to get a picture of.


Row Boat

1. Pot luck where people bring mixed ingredients to cook together. Mystery ingredient.

2. 100% translucent stove.

3. 100% translucent police cars.

4. Google image search slide show narration's about anything.

5. Drone videos of snow boarding.


In a boat!

1. Give people meal tickets so they come over for dinner. 
2. Robots with real seaman for sex.

3. Interstate walking road. 

4. A machine that makes your hand a phone you can talk and listen through.

5. Repaint your street blue. Pretend your in a boat when you drive on it.  


The Ghost of Halloween Past

1. Paul Bunyans Halloween Blood Bath

2. Korhonens Halloween Blood Bath

3. Dead Guy Poker


5. 2 Sided one piece costumes for many options.


Bag Man - The Hit TV Series!!

1. Bag Man - The host of a TV Series !

2. Firewood called "Money"

3. Make a slingshot that can sling a rock across the ocean.

4. Paint each of your floor boards different shades of blue.

5. Sunken hot tub in living room under glass coffee table.


Scary Shit

1. Find a friend who is camping. Scare the shit out of them.

2. Talk in a british accent for the next month to see if you can get people to do it with you.

3. A radio show interviewing the same person on different type of drugs each episode.

4. Conveyer belt cars with only one wide conveyor belt wheel. Kinda like a tank.

5. Small shelters inside of each sidewalk square for homeless people. Self cleaning from city water line.


Nick Zepeda - San Francisco

1. Harvest the energy from light pollution with a big flat drone that flies above the city and places with lots of gas stations.


2. Solar panel drones that never stop flying.

3. Drone classes, why you should and should not be scared of flying objects.
Name of class: The times they are a changin'

4. Rap a copyrighted song / make a music video with ur friends.
Blog it.
AINT NOTIN' youtube can do now.

5. Bright colored butter sticks, mix colors to get the color you want!

Video: 2009 i5 - Notorious BIG "Gimme The Loot" - Denied by Youtube because of copyright 



1. Internet service that will rate your ok Cupid account attractiveness.

2. Secret fort undetneath a river. 

3. Basement pig farm. 

4. Underwater roller coaster tours. 

5. Hollow fake trees filled of survival goods.


The Key

1. Liquid chocolate face mask.

2. Humans put effort into utilizing Bio luminescence to make humans glow in the dark.

3. Cartoon of a man getting rescued by a cargo ship.

4. Leave post-it notes in cabinets and under toilet seats around work with jokes on them.

5. Stone texture 3M tape.


Free Food

1. free dinners around town. 

2. Yard signs that say 'free food' when you have left overs you don't want. 

3. A service that takes excess food restaurants to farms to feed pigs. 

4. Law forcing grocery stores to use seperate dumpster system for food that's still okay.

5. Law forbidding locks on commercial dumpsters.



1. Trash Can that says 'The Past'

2. Build your house underneath a river. Accessible only to people with scuba equipment.

3. REGULAR cold Coffee in a can at gas stations. Are there seriously NONE?

4. Replace your stairs with a fireman pole.

5. Fill your friends car with plastic balls to make a ball pit / extremely safe car.


A broken heart -

1. Cool thing to say if someone's tells you are the same as everyone else: 
"I am just the same as those who would choose to follow if I left."

2. Drug dog for shady drug dealers to find and steal drugs with.

3. Candy called ' Dog Food '

4. Brightly colored oatmeal that tastes like fruity pebbles.

5. Tattoo a Clapboard on your pointer finger + your thumb.


Finding Andrew #1

1. Find Andrew in Mongolia

2. Stamp sole shoes - Ink em up to leave your mark

3. Rubber tack boards

4. Ocean water sold in bottles for alternative remedies.

5. Smoke filled (mini smoke machine inside) translucent bike frame.

1. American flag on the roof of your car. (last clip of video)

2. Interstate Opposite Day where u drive on the wrong side of the road. 

3. Interstate bike highway. 

Where ur FB profile moves when you die. 

5. QR codes on graves to access your Gravebook page. *



Collective Candy

1. DIY crafts: make something at home with random items you find around.

2. pipe cleaners, napkins, doilies, you name it. See what you come up with. Or try something you find on Pinterest.

3. Go to an amusement park or water park. Most cities have them, and if you live in a bustling metropolis, this is a great way to relax and escape, alone or with someone else.

4. Go to a new type of bar or restaurant, preferably one with a cool theme. Try a place like Washington DC’s Boardroom, where patrons can have a pint and play a game at the same time.

5. Take a day trip, or an overnight trip. Find a cool area that’s a bit of a ways, but not too far, from where you live. Check out their sites. Stay in a bed and breakfast.

ideas by - Jenna link to her page 


Something New -

1. Cook something new. Pick an ingredient or food you’ve never tried, and work with it. See what you can create.

2. Try to sit down and write. Whether or not creative writing comes naturally to you, journaling, or just writing down thoughts and feelings, can be a great way to decompress and even have some fun.

3. Do something out of your comfort zone. Zip line, bungeejump, go to dinner alone, whatever it is, try something you’ve been afraid to try. You’ll grow a lot from the experience.

4. Camp out in your backyard. Not exactly roughing it, but a wonderful way to spend quality time with your family.

5 And finally, do something nice for someone else. Write a letter to grandma, buy a significant other some flowers, or help a friend move. It’s the little gestures that count most in the end, and nothing feels better and is more fun than giving back.

Ideas by: david 583 link to his page


Rodent Weapons

1. Pay professional actors to say nonsensical things on video. 

2. Rodent weapons. Let loose six-hundred thousand rats in a city you wish to destroy.

3. Crude and rude word for vagina: Penis Glove

4. Put doll arms in front of the camera on a drone so it looks like you are seeing through super mans eyes.

5. Foot straps on top of car to stand in to ride like snowboard while friend drives.



1. Stop sign lamp.

2. A website that organizes and displays video footage of mundane things

3. Chia pet bike

4. plastic surgery skin pocket

5. Drug dog for shady drug dealers to find and steal drugs with.


2055 - The Year of the Blog

1. Sit on your back with your feet in the air. Pretend you are tip toeing on stars across the night sky.

2. Song concept: there is so much left to explore

3. Cat and dog harnesses that have a cowboy doll that sits on their back.

4. All Night movie night.

5. Make a blog that is scheduled to post every day in the year 2055.


Star candy

1. Send all the shirts u make to thrift stores in the middle of no where

2. Blueberry hint tobacco

3. A radio station juke box publicly fueled by txt. 

4. Put ground Star Annise in your joints. 

5. A website that litterally makes you feel happy when you go to it. 



1. Translucent bathtub.

2. A t shirt covered in pockets.

3. House deck made on top of a massive fish tank. Deck floor is see through and lights illuminate the water below your feet. 

4. A robot that draws the story people tell it.

5. Edible garden on roof, water is pumped from tank below (inside deck) water drips off roof along vines back in water to help feed fish.


Don't Believe the Hype...


2. Candied wood chews to clean teeth.

3. Fact checker - I phone app for people who always tell untrue facts.

4. Little Cesar's promotional disk sleds that look like pizzas.

5. City maintenance hashtags to alert city of things in need of attention. 


C O - E D

1. Co Ed Bathrooms

2. Lighters with secret compartments inside for drugs.

3. Have a race to see who can digest something faster.

4. Time Lapse video of a party in the mountains.

 40.061547, -105.362731. Boulder, Colorado, 10-04-14

5. Use a Trail Cam to film yourself sleep to see how much you move


Andrews misfortune

A picture of when Andrews boat sunk in the ocean. 

2. Photo bomb pictures dressed as Waldo. 

3. Go to a football game dressed as Waldo stand near the players but a bit hidden. 

4. Delivery service to moving cars. 

5. 1 year recklace pass from government allowing a year period of no consequences. 


And we're back...

Business cards that wrap from side one to side 2 to read correctly 

Gum with smoke inside Internet TV video station of motion captured all over the world. 

Tow a car to transport drugs in not your car 

Name for dog: Malachi 


Chair Race

1. Rolling chair races.

2. Car to go for road trips

3. Ocean flavored taffy

4. City wide free beer coins.

5. A city street made out of rollers like those weird slides at parks.



1. Heavy shoes - For fat people.  

2. Robotic legs to attach to cat. Activate when they run away.

3.  Find my cat app

4. Very strong magnets above your bed to freak people out like you might be a robot or something...

5. Fish and water inside hollow see-through cat collar.


Clear Skin

1. Plastic surgery clear skin on your tummy so you can see the insides of your body.

2. Camera batteries that change color when have no battery.

3. A city wide game of telephone. Played on real telephones. Moderated by police.

4. Bullets that release a chemical to melt the body in to nothing after shot. Evidence shredder.

5. Colorful bread for toast.


Old and cool - The Ocean Doesn't Eat candy

1. Put enough red food coloring in the ocean to make it red. 

2. Put red food coloring in the fountain at the mall. 

3. Sew clothing that your house can wear. 

4. Mattresses with dirt inside of them for cheaper more eco friendly beds. 

5. Vine man. A service that somehow puts live vines on your new house making it look like it is really cold and cool. 


Yearly Update

1. Camera Tripod Done that just levitates at the hight a tripod would hold the camera.

2. Hot tub shoe that holds hot water in it while you walk.

3. Tell people you will flash them for 10 $ any time.

4. Usb drives on your phone.

5. Send out a yearly update about your life on FB. (national bike polo championship 2014)


Wombat Cave - Bike Polo

1. Sleds with wheels for people in California to enjoy the joys of sledding with.

2. Bike add on that makes your wheels smooth like skies so you can ski down big hills with snow on them.

3.Transport weed in your bike tubes.

4. Ask to arm wrestle a cop.

5. Factory Setting (name for a band)


Ship King

1. A company you pay a subscription service to that makes sure you get all your online deliveries in 1 day.

2. Netflix movie theaters.

3. Movie theater on a boat.

4. Petting zoo on a boat.

5. Barge farm. A big farm with plants and animals all on a barge that moves to the best climate at different times in the year.


Good Morning America!!!

1. A Zoo that travels on a boat to countries that do not have enough money to have a zoo.

2. Make up prank that burns the users skin bright blue.

3. An App for your I Phone that beeps out the swearwords when you talk.

4. Force a product recall on a completely useless product because it is just wasteful.

5. Glass sidewalks that show what is in the sewers for people to learn what is entailed with our incredible civilization.


Porn Art

1. A shirt with a picture of a bike + the St. Paul Capital. Bike Capital.

2. Computer mouse that smokes and lights up when you watch adult entertainment.

3. A opensource porn website that funds a non profit.

4. Porn art websites.

5. Cars that have holes in the bottom to escape out of.


Panther party

1. Invite 100 cats to your birthday party.

2. Send fake body parts to clients telling them you would give them your toes for a job. 

3. - re runs of trashy tv shows on YouTube

4. Cup cakes with holes through the middle for a intimate present. 

5.  Check this bunch of nonsense out: 



1. Raisons with chocolate inside.

2. Logs for camp fires that make the smoke taste good.

3. logs for campfires that make the smoke smell like Britney Spears Perfume.

4. Check out

5. A car that has a water dispenser in the dashboard.


Puzzel Picture

1. Do it yourself art kits with instructions on how and what to draw.

2. Paint by number cars for cheaper non painted edition.

3. Water filled seats in cars. Water can changes temp to regulate comfort.

4. Hockey size money.

5. A band called patent pending.


Paper Boat

1. Paper Boats with little mini real machine guns to surprise attack enemies.

2. Drive really far away, drop your friend off at a airport and race home.

3. Sell sticker packs for a living.

4. 5 ideas a day in the newspapers.

5. Candy that tastes like and ash tray.


Ittsi Bittsi

1. Pet spiders in a jar for sale.

2. Tape that has a story written on it as you un roll it over time.

3. Cigs that spark like sparklers

4. America day (2 days after the Forth of July)

5. Make-up kits that contain the brands specific celebrities use.


Road Smash

1. Hotels that are in semi trucks so you can sleep while you drive.

2. A system for delivering food to people driving on the highway.

3. Free party favor bags @ rest stops before you exit the state of MN.

4. Notebooks that erase writing like an etch a sketch.

5. Do graffiti on moving vehicles from another moving vehicle.


The musical.

1. Condos on trains. 

2. Barns and noble living room area with tv, leather chairs and cigars.

3. Unlikely Camp permit pass for state parks. 

4. Corn flavored gum.



Fantastic hair

1. Emergancy call buttons on all dumpsters. 

2. Parks that are created to let homeless people to sleep in. 

3. Free candy at rest stops in MN to be sweeter than the rest of the states.

4. Boat docks that retract to shore. 

5. Mission impossible music that plays while you go through the drive through. 


1. Rain drums. Little drums to put in your yard to let the rain play different noises on. 

2. Underwater graffiti. 

3. State mandated North Dakota state wide Christmas carol sing along 

4. Water slide public transportation

5. Apple sauce lube. 


Project Cart

1. Utility ropes made out of editable fabric.

2. Secret food storage inside car motors incase you break down far from home.

3. Drains in the bottom of cars so you can use a hose to clean them.

4.  Mini cookies to put on top of cakes. Each cookie is shaped like a different letter. Store supplies full alphabet to spell your message.

5. A grocery store that charges your credit card automatically when you place the product in the cart.


Day Off

1. Nut grinder to make peanut butter @ home.

2. Pens that have a hiding place for little notes.

3. Pay actors to dress up and act like zombies all over the country for a monumental scare!

4. Automatic cross bow and arrow.

5. Electric smeller device to detect aromas you cannot.


And I'm Back...

1. Take a break from your important hobby for a few months.

2. A tube that goes outside to breath through for fresh air.

3. A pill that changes the color of hair your body grows.

4. Clothes for cars.

5. Transparent seat belt straps.


Sand Tastic

1. Houses that are built above streets on stilts.

2. A desk with fossilized grasshoppers inside the clear upward facing part.

3. Busses that make music like the ice cream truck.

4. Public puke buckets in college campus areas.

5. Sand Sale. Sell bags of sand from different places in the world.


Working Backwards

1. Full size cars that fold into a bike size box.

2. A barge boat art show. Art exhibit that travels the world.

3. Police dogs that patrol with no help from human police.

4. Bow tie flask.

5. Hollow bones to transport drugs.


He digs it.

1. Blow torch flame that comes out of handle bars when you squeeze the breaks.

2. Grow succulents in the cork at the end of your handle bars.

3. Chea pet bike.

4. Garden bike with garden on the back rack

5. Bikes that come with speak system like cars.


Speedy Delivery

1. A game to play with kids: 'Speedy Delivery'.  Rules: speedily bring any requested item to requester.

2. Fake sharp knifes for children.

3. Lighters designed to be easy to use for children.

4. A art piece that is a cigarette pack that is obviously marketed towards children.

5. Throat swards that retract for children.


Ranger Wars

1. A movie about park rangers that get in to a war with another parks ranger force.

2. A movie about the east coast and west coast of the US starting a civil war.

3. A movie about a poop that makes his way to the toilet.

4. Tooth paste that doubles as breakfast.

5. Paste that tans your teeth.


Full size

1. Outdoor office

2. Breakfast sushi.

3. Glass wheels for bikes.

4. Air vending machine

5. Full size house made of pancakes



1. Blanket fridge for hot days.

2. Long exposure light photography with glow in the dark Frisbees.

3. Breakfast service. People come in to your house to make you coffee and food every morning.

4. Real Estate lottery, Buy a ticket for 100,000. See what house you get.

5. Floating Camera                              


Drone Tag

1. Water filled coat.

2. E-Cig/ Pen combo

3. A experiment that can measure creative out put.

4. Printable weapons on 3D printer.

5. World wide game of Drone Tag.


Music Time

1. Surgery that makes your body in to secret speakers with a AUX output on your elbow.

2. Tooth pick that can re sharpen itself.

3. Tooth brush with tooth past inside handle like those soap/ sponge things.

4. Wolf day. Where the zoo lets 40 wild wolves out in to the city.

5. Store that sells the option to be a licensed wizard.


Five More

1. Bike with camp stove built in.

2. Bike frame piggy bank.

3. Bike race through mall of america

4. Work out equipment in your shower.

5. A furnace that is powered by human shit.


Pigeon Weapon

1. Strap Bomb to carrier pigeon.

2. Make a pancake float @ may day.

3. Teach your dog to sit on a stool.

4. Rolling paper that tastes like asian food.

5. Neon color dyed weed.  


Doggy Rain Coat

1. Popcorn flavored with orange.

2. Hole punch for cheese to get size to stuff olives.

3. Blue Lemons.

4. Work day at your house.

5. Dog rain coats.



1. A computer that dispenses calming drugs when it is not working correctly.

2. Pre bottled melted butter mixed with cinnamon and sugar.

3. Free yoga center.

4. Industrial water heaters for all houses in neighborhood.

5. Juice pipe line.


Rob KS

1.  hummus flavored with white wine

2.  stage a protest of bad movies until and good movie comes out and then break the strike to go see that movie

3.  a pill you drop in a dog dish that helps the dog hydrate

4.  cook a chicken legs and preserve it in a jar of honey

5.  teach your dog to eat cheeseburgers like a gentleman


Rob KS

1.  yoga room that smells powerfully of fresh basil

2.  water your plants daily with a spray bottle

3.  dye your ketchup black with squid ink

4.  refer to all the guys you know as "cat" and all the women you know as "dawg"

5.  brainstorm all the synonyms for "goofy" and see if you can think of more than merriam websters.  if you can, don't forget to brag about it


1.  Pepsi flavored doritos

2.  compost shoot out your apartment window into a bin that gets picked up every week

3.  bed sheet sized post-it

4.  instructional manual on how to write well that you have to write your self

5.  make a hand written copy of every expense you incur for one month


Boat Toast

1. Ice cubes with little pickles in them.

2. Hair extension brand called Medusas Stone.

3. A checkers game that has little smiley faces for pieces.

4. Tightropes from sky scraper to sky scraper for daring people to go to meetings.

5. Add a word to the dictionary. Make it a life long goal.

Popcorn Path

1. Turn something you love in to an addiction that can be used as self depreciation.

2. Make everything around you stop in mid motion to see what it looks like when it is still.

3. Review the past often but always keep going.

4. Push in a direction that is most inline with your view of the world.

5. Take in to account the wisdom of others.


Crate Fort

1. Heat/ water proof speakers for saunas.

2. Extendable laundry poles for apt windows.

3. Milk crate fort.

4. Rubber topped desk for computer mouse.

5. GPS chips implanted in hikers.


Dance captain

1. Water filled couch. 

2. Shower rug that is living moss. 

3. Thick bike tire that is also the tube.  

4. N64 remake that comes with all the games on it. 

 5. Zip off shorts that you can buy different length extensions for. 


Rope candy

1. A generator that is placed in your throat to generate energy from your breath that charges your phone.

2. Myna bird to answer the phones for corporations because they would do another job.

3. Clementines that are small are even smaller called poppers/

4. A electric book that highlights the portion that you are currently reading.

5. Packs of hand roller cigarettes.



1. Edible remote control sea plane made out of tacos with hot dogs for landing gear.

2. Paint that makes your wall a white board.

3. Exploding condoms... uhh ohhh!

4. Water balloons filled with wine.

5. DIY scientific study about what happens to semen over time after it leaves the body.


April Fools!

1. Make a fake post on Craigslist offering 54 free goats with your friends number

2. Put googly eyes on all the food in the fridge.

3. Order a pizza for your roommate before you get home. Ask him to get it from the door. Wait at the door for the pizza guy to come without him knowing. Convince him to let you put a pair of panties on top of the pizza. Let the delivery guy deliver the pizza to your friend.

4. Glue peoples shoes to the shoe matt.

5. Replace peoples laundry with a thanksgiving dinner before they switch the load.



1. Make a million rap videos with photobooth on ur computer.

2. Tattoos that fade after 3 years.

3. Napkins that suck the muck off you.

4. Hot sauce mixed with jam. 

5. Dirt flavored drinks. 


Ant beard

1. Cover face in honey, where your beard should be. Add many ants. Go buy something from a gas station nonchalantly with your ant beard. 

2. Hanging bed with pully to a just hight. 

3. Hot tub in the back seat of your car. 

4. Floating hooka for pool use. 

5. Graffiti a helicopter landing circle in the middle of the highway. 


Dog Park Tunnel

1. A farm that grows only all the ingredients used in pizza.

2. Dog Park Tunnel. A tunnel through the neighborhood for dogs to walk them selves.

3. Shirts that can rearrange themselves in to pants.

4. Permanent marker that changes colors over time.

5. Flavored fake thumb nails for avid thumb suckers.



1. Window clings that look like a person is looking out.

2. Computers that have emotions and don't work properly some days.

3. A movie about a robot Buddha reincarnating as a Robot.

4. Fish Sauce candy.

5. Myspace five ideas a day page.


Doggy Dates

1. A table that has an invisible electric border around it so nothing can fall off.

2. Websites that look and claim to be from another planet.

3. Aquarium floors.

4. where your dog can find a buddy based on their interests (like ok cupid)

5. Warming keypads for cold days.


Boost Likes

1. Boost your facebook page likes by paying facebook.

2. Boost your likes for cheaper than by paying facebook by going to

3. Convince your friends to like your FB page by going to their house and leaving a note on their door.

4. Trade linkage for your blog with another blogger.

5. Make a blog that claims to be written only by fish and dolphins.


Wart Juice

1. Cut off peoples warts then grind them in to a nasty drink to cure warts.

2. Grasshopper Muscle Juice. Dry then grind up grass hoppers to make get a bunch of protein in one drink.

3. Put a trail cam on your front door to get a picture of everyone who has ever been to your house.

4. Live streaming cam in your living room. Write WARNING HIDDEN CAMERA on the wall.

5. Stand 1 mile in front of a police speed trap with a sign that says 'Speed Trap Ahead."


More Captain

1. Rent a car. Pick people up from the bus stop bring them where they need to go.

2. Bike wheel/ fish tank.

3. Nice Ride movie night while biking.

4. Feather clothing.

5. Paper made from plastic to be water proof.



1. Organic Edible Insect Farming (Sell grasshoppers to co-ops)

2. Spherical In-kitchen Edible Micro-Biomes with edible moss, fungus, and uniramians

3. Bill that requires all outdoor lights in city must be on a <20 areas="" be="" city="" etc="" in="" light="" lit="" minute="" motion-detector="" movement="" of="" only="" pollution="" recent="" reducing="" span="" streets="" would="">

4. Work a spaceport loading spacecraft and get interplanetary non-rev seats

5. USA-Euro-Chinese-Russian space alliance, communal effort on 2020 ISS replacement low Earth orbit spacestation project + manned Mars/moons of Saturn missions



Post Party

1. Mac & Cheese Omelettes

2. Tea Party Bubble Bath

3. Clothes and Costumes made from candy

4. Color dye for the whites of your eyes

5. A tube from cat’s butts to dog’s mouth



1. Special battle zones on the side of the highway where angry drivers can safely pull over and violently settle disputes.

2. Specially colored light on tops of cars that indicates you'd like to pull over immediately for battle.

3. Genetically engineered homegrown edible mosses. Everyone wants to eat moss, we just need to invent some tasty edible strains.

4. Automatic nacho feeding machine with head harness and throttle.

5. Supplement that counteracts anti-diuretic hormone suppression in alcohol (so you don't have to pee constantly while drunk)/supplement that counteracts marijuana induced memory-loss



1. Ocean stock. Invest in the ocean because it is really super valuable.

2. A realtime statistic website that shows how many fish and animals are still alive in the ocean.

3. Ocean day (national holiday)

4. A group of people that kill other people that mess up the environment.

5. Make a house that can float safely in the ocean for ever.


Toe removal.

1. Watermelon hat.

2.  Get a creditcard and use the money to start a company.

3. Go to another country with your mad video skills. Film a video. Send it to the viral gods.

4, Hairbrush that applies sexy vitamins to your hair.

5. Lazar toe removal.


Big Buck

1. Big tape.

2. Phone chargers that can have ALL the phone connectors attached.

3. Phones that can plug in to your oven to program correct time for meal desired.

4. Moist Mugs. Coffee mugs that absorb just a bit of coffee to make the outside moist to the touch.

5. Plastic t-shirts for rain.


Garlic Lotion

1. Lighters that can recognize correct user.

2. Cool thing to say: “Life is like a box of mushrooms”

3. Shadow puppet presentations all around the city

4. Hats with heaters in them.

5. Roasted Garlic Lotion.



1. T.V. series called Crack City.

2. Pilot Episode: Crackhead Ob-dee Jenkins deals rock with his girlfriend Nona in an alley from the crack-couch.

3. Season Premier: Ob-dee makes a moat around the crack-couch to protect the family business.

4. Episode 2: A rival gang sneaks in at night and infests the crack-couch with fleas.

5. Season Finale: A war between gangs ensues. Nona overdoses, and Ob-dee discovers that they are siblings.

If this post gets 50 likes we will make and release this T.V. series within 1 week.


Magnets and Boots

1. Magnetic levitation bobsled/ luge course.

2. Weekly community meal for Ideation

3. Electro magnetic elevator

4. Compile a silly hat collection

5. eWeekly community meal (recipe and skype session for virtual dinners)


Summer Retreat

1. Macaroni popsicles

2. Boots that tie themselves

3. Pants that change colors

4. Mini Trampoline for pistachio shells into garbage receptical

5. Make a video about Andrew Siess running from Alaska to get to the Idea Factory Summer Retreat.


Big Tower

1. Hide all your ideas inside your mind and don't let anyone hear them.

2. Write all the ideas you have down on a piece of paper. Lock them in a vault.

3. Dry erase markers that are permanent unless you use a special spray.

4. Window clings that say TRASH DISPOSAL with a arrow pointed down.

5. Refrigerator that organizes itself with a conveyer belt system.  



1. Cleaning day. Everyone cleans one of their friends houses. and leaves their own home for someone else to clean.

2. Sharpies that have a slight curve to them for a hand hold.

3. Wolf Flavor Coffee

4. Explore the City with a camera. Make a list of the places you took a picture. Come back in 5 months and take the pictures again from the same place.

5. Jack's magic beans. Jellybean brand.


Bringin home the bacon.

1. Pay someone for something in bacon.

2. Gingerbread houses except instead of ginger bread it is made out of bacon.

3. Bacon app where you push a button while in bed and it starts cooking bacon in the kitchen for when u finally get up.

4. A shirt with a picture of bacon on it.

5. National Bacon Day.


Pissin in the wind.

1. A street in the city that is only for females.

2. Lighters with different color flame.

3. Candy shop for adults. Cigarettes, knifes... The shop name is 'The Candy Shop'

4. A boat that is a free mobile hospital.

5. Secret passage ways under ground for police and city workers.


Floating Zoo

1. Floating zoo

2. Necklaces that give amazing neck rubs

3. Restaurant that serves the one best dish from each culture in the world.

4. Contacts that constantly shift colors

5. Golden eagles trained to break up domestic disputes


Girl Scout Cookies

1. Flavored prescription glasses

2. Girl Scout cookie ice cream sandwiches

3. Google contacts

4. Edible coffee mugs (made of slowly dissolving sugar)

5. Composting toilet with pneumatic tube to herb garden



1. Bike-mounted plows/snow blowers

2. Flavored hair spray

3. Re-usable newspapers: wax paper, rolling paper, paper towels

4. A tube from your mouth to hands/feet to keep them warm with your breath

5. Tea roulette, one secret terrible tea bag per box


Clogs For Dogs

1. Under-ice ice fishing shack

2. Actual ant farm, train enormous ants to farm for us

3. Solar powered pollution machine

4. Clogs for dogs

5. Hats for cats


Pistachio Pudding

1. Pistachio pudding fountains in place if water fountains

2. Permanent condoms

3. Timeless week, have no knowledge of what time it is

4. Cigarettes that make your mouth taste like shit for 3 days to help quit smoking

5. Electric grid streets to melt snow and power cars.


Insulated for warmth

1. Magic spray that turns your beard into an air filtration mask

2. Highlighter that fades after time so students can sell back their books and they won't be covered in highlighter.

3. Insulated condoms for girls with cold hearts. 

4. Colored powder capsules to make farts visible

5. Silverware you can eat to avoid doing dishes .


Big Ups to John McCain

1. GIant disposable cups.

2. Raison flavor orange juice.

3. Apples with chocolate logos stamped on them.

4. Blank canvases @ bus stops.

5. One word burnt on to the underside of the wine cork.


Idea Retreat Beta

1. 3D Printer that prints regular printers.

2. Dragon Naturally Speaking for Dogs.

3. Heated freeway system in winter.

4. Make a new friend by tickling a stranger.

5. Supplement pills you eat to dye your hair.


Grape Flavor

1. Make a physical interactive map of your life.

2. Shot glasses that change color when you pour a shot.

3. Make a movie about quitting smoking and testing your health. 

4. Grape flavored pensil erasers. 

5. Romantic dinner in a country field at night.  Summertime. Full moon.  


Moist Title

1. A magazine that proposes ideas that make the world better and asks people to help fund them.

2. Inner city turtle race.

3. Trash calculator. Estimates the amount of trash that was disposed of in your city daily.

4. Trash collectors, the TV show. A few guys round up food and valuables from dumpsters around the city. The season finale is a 4 day trek in to the biggest trash dump in the world!

5. Call Steve Eigenmann @ 763-226-9547


Dope Dope

Email Matt for cheap tickets: this show is gonna be dope.

1. Finger dance. A website like dance dance revolution for your fingers on the key board.

2. Quarterly post card service that sends you a funny post card to put on your fridge.

3. Real time Snap Chat Reality show.

4. An apple orchard called: Energy Orchard

5. The worlds biggest game of telephone!


House Key

1. Self cleaning socks.

2. Houses that has a tunnel to all the other houses on the block.

3. Cereal combos. All the different types of cereal mixed in to one box.

4. Keys that are also lighters.

5. Rugs with secret pockets on the bottom for house keys.


HO ho HO

1. Helicopter blades that light up, so when they spin, you get a show.

2. Community art gardens/studios 

3. Where's Waldo in real life

4. Spy vacations (a company that sets up a crime for you to solve/you get to pretend you're a spy)

5. World's biggest virtual bike race.



1. Jeans with a face on the crotch.

2. Online Live streaming party of people dancing in front of their computer all on one screen.

3. Pens with little shots of whiskey in them.

4. Flashlight/ lazer pointer.

5. Foot polish.



1. Instant Sushi. Not sure how, but this needs to happen.

2. Self sharpening knives. This might already exist...

3. Edible beer bottles.

4. Beer popsicles.

5. Self cleaning toilets... HOW DOES THIS NOT ALREADY EXIST?

Todays themes are beer and machines that fix themselves... oh and sushi.


Ghost Blog

1. Choose your own adventure youtube channel. 

2. Coffee cup friends. Coffee cups that have different friendly faces on them.

3. Pocket pets. Crickets in little glass bottles.

4. Pens made from recycled water bottles.

5. Half sharpie half dry erase marker. One on each side.


Cat pee

1. Lotion/ hair gel.

2. Coat buttons that look like eye balls.

3. Robot dog walker.

4. Window waterfall.

5. Secret compartment rings.



1. Make a pair of fake dirty underware and flaunt them in a public arena.

2. Have a record/LP party consisting of nothing but heavy metal on vinyl.

3. Write 10 poems about water (and one about soil mixed with water).

4. Wear an item of clothing that a loved one made or bought for you, and tell someone whom you're unfamilliar with about all the ways that it is special to you.

5. Have a candle party (no electrical light) and take lots of pictures of various lightplay.


Glitter Hot

1. glitter hot sauce

2. socks made of recycled clothes

3. wrapping paper made of old comic books

4. magnectic strips so you never lose the remote

5. boots with built in phone holders


Astijus Taujanskas

1. Get a group of homeless people together and start a band with them.

2. Read your shopping list aloud on the subway and then ask for donations for your performance

3. Get a cab driver to let you drive the cab for a bit.

4. Play a staring contest with passengers on subways.

5. Try to catch a pigeon.


White Meat

1. A deli meat that is al the meats mixed together.

2. Heated walls.

3. Clothing that plays music when you put it on.

4. Alternate memory implants for humans.

5. Ghost Police - Band name

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