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Rope candy

1. A generator that is placed in your throat to generate energy from your breath that charges your phone.

2. Myna bird to answer the phones for corporations because they would do another job.

3. Clementines that are small are even smaller called poppers/

4. A electric book that highlights the portion that you are currently reading.

5. Packs of hand roller cigarettes.



1. Edible remote control sea plane made out of tacos with hot dogs for landing gear.

2. Paint that makes your wall a white board.

3. Exploding condoms... uhh ohhh!

4. Water balloons filled with wine.

5. DIY scientific study about what happens to semen over time after it leaves the body.


April Fools!

1. Make a fake post on Craigslist offering 54 free goats with your friends number

2. Put googly eyes on all the food in the fridge.

3. Order a pizza for your roommate before you get home. Ask him to get it from the door. Wait at the door for the pizza guy to come without him knowing. Convince him to let you put a pair of panties on top of the pizza. Let the delivery guy deliver the pizza to your friend.

4. Glue peoples shoes to the shoe matt.

5. Replace peoples laundry with a thanksgiving dinner before they switch the load.



1. Make a million rap videos with photobooth on ur computer.

2. Tattoos that fade after 3 years.

3. Napkins that suck the muck off you.

4. Hot sauce mixed with jam. 

5. Dirt flavored drinks. 


Ant beard

1. Cover face in honey, where your beard should be. Add many ants. Go buy something from a gas station nonchalantly with your ant beard. 

2. Hanging bed with pully to a just hight. 

3. Hot tub in the back seat of your car. 

4. Floating hooka for pool use. 

5. Graffiti a helicopter landing circle in the middle of the highway. 


Dog Park Tunnel

1. A farm that grows only all the ingredients used in pizza.

2. Dog Park Tunnel. A tunnel through the neighborhood for dogs to walk them selves.

3. Shirts that can rearrange themselves in to pants.

4. Permanent marker that changes colors over time.

5. Flavored fake thumb nails for avid thumb suckers.



1. Window clings that look like a person is looking out.

2. Computers that have emotions and don't work properly some days.

3. A movie about a robot Buddha reincarnating as a Robot.

4. Fish Sauce candy.

5. Myspace five ideas a day page.


Doggy Dates

1. A table that has an invisible electric border around it so nothing can fall off.

2. Websites that look and claim to be from another planet.

3. Aquarium floors.

4. where your dog can find a buddy based on their interests (like ok cupid)

5. Warming keypads for cold days.


Boost Likes

1. Boost your facebook page likes by paying facebook.

2. Boost your likes for cheaper than by paying facebook by going to

3. Convince your friends to like your FB page by going to their house and leaving a note on their door.

4. Trade linkage for your blog with another blogger.

5. Make a blog that claims to be written only by fish and dolphins.


Wart Juice

1. Cut off peoples warts then grind them in to a nasty drink to cure warts.

2. Grasshopper Muscle Juice. Dry then grind up grass hoppers to make get a bunch of protein in one drink.

3. Put a trail cam on your front door to get a picture of everyone who has ever been to your house.

4. Live streaming cam in your living room. Write WARNING HIDDEN CAMERA on the wall.

5. Stand 1 mile in front of a police speed trap with a sign that says 'Speed Trap Ahead."


More Captain

1. Rent a car. Pick people up from the bus stop bring them where they need to go.

2. Bike wheel/ fish tank.

3. Nice Ride movie night while biking.

4. Feather clothing.

5. Paper made from plastic to be water proof.



1. Organic Edible Insect Farming (Sell grasshoppers to co-ops)

2. Spherical In-kitchen Edible Micro-Biomes with edible moss, fungus, and uniramians

3. Bill that requires all outdoor lights in city must be on a <20 areas="" be="" city="" etc="" in="" light="" lit="" minute="" motion-detector="" movement="" of="" only="" pollution="" recent="" reducing="" span="" streets="" would="">

4. Work a spaceport loading spacecraft and get interplanetary non-rev seats

5. USA-Euro-Chinese-Russian space alliance, communal effort on 2020 ISS replacement low Earth orbit spacestation project + manned Mars/moons of Saturn missions



Post Party

1. Mac & Cheese Omelettes

2. Tea Party Bubble Bath

3. Clothes and Costumes made from candy

4. Color dye for the whites of your eyes

5. A tube from cat’s butts to dog’s mouth



1. Special battle zones on the side of the highway where angry drivers can safely pull over and violently settle disputes.

2. Specially colored light on tops of cars that indicates you'd like to pull over immediately for battle.

3. Genetically engineered homegrown edible mosses. Everyone wants to eat moss, we just need to invent some tasty edible strains.

4. Automatic nacho feeding machine with head harness and throttle.

5. Supplement that counteracts anti-diuretic hormone suppression in alcohol (so you don't have to pee constantly while drunk)/supplement that counteracts marijuana induced memory-loss



1. Ocean stock. Invest in the ocean because it is really super valuable.

2. A realtime statistic website that shows how many fish and animals are still alive in the ocean.

3. Ocean day (national holiday)

4. A group of people that kill other people that mess up the environment.

5. Make a house that can float safely in the ocean for ever.


Toe removal.

1. Watermelon hat.

2.  Get a creditcard and use the money to start a company.

3. Go to another country with your mad video skills. Film a video. Send it to the viral gods.

4, Hairbrush that applies sexy vitamins to your hair.

5. Lazar toe removal.


Big Buck

1. Big tape.

2. Phone chargers that can have ALL the phone connectors attached.

3. Phones that can plug in to your oven to program correct time for meal desired.

4. Moist Mugs. Coffee mugs that absorb just a bit of coffee to make the outside moist to the touch.

5. Plastic t-shirts for rain.


Garlic Lotion

1. Lighters that can recognize correct user.

2. Cool thing to say: “Life is like a box of mushrooms”

3. Shadow puppet presentations all around the city

4. Hats with heaters in them.

5. Roasted Garlic Lotion.



1. T.V. series called Crack City.

2. Pilot Episode: Crackhead Ob-dee Jenkins deals rock with his girlfriend Nona in an alley from the crack-couch.

3. Season Premier: Ob-dee makes a moat around the crack-couch to protect the family business.

4. Episode 2: A rival gang sneaks in at night and infests the crack-couch with fleas.

5. Season Finale: A war between gangs ensues. Nona overdoses, and Ob-dee discovers that they are siblings.

If this post gets 50 likes we will make and release this T.V. series within 1 week.


Magnets and Boots

1. Magnetic levitation bobsled/ luge course.

2. Weekly community meal for Ideation

3. Electro magnetic elevator

4. Compile a silly hat collection

5. eWeekly community meal (recipe and skype session for virtual dinners)


Summer Retreat

1. Macaroni popsicles

2. Boots that tie themselves

3. Pants that change colors

4. Mini Trampoline for pistachio shells into garbage receptical

5. Make a video about Andrew Siess running from Alaska to get to the Idea Factory Summer Retreat.


Big Tower

1. Hide all your ideas inside your mind and don't let anyone hear them.

2. Write all the ideas you have down on a piece of paper. Lock them in a vault.

3. Dry erase markers that are permanent unless you use a special spray.

4. Window clings that say TRASH DISPOSAL with a arrow pointed down.

5. Refrigerator that organizes itself with a conveyer belt system.  



1. Cleaning day. Everyone cleans one of their friends houses. and leaves their own home for someone else to clean.

2. Sharpies that have a slight curve to them for a hand hold.

3. Wolf Flavor Coffee

4. Explore the City with a camera. Make a list of the places you took a picture. Come back in 5 months and take the pictures again from the same place.

5. Jack's magic beans. Jellybean brand.


Bringin home the bacon.

1. Pay someone for something in bacon.

2. Gingerbread houses except instead of ginger bread it is made out of bacon.

3. Bacon app where you push a button while in bed and it starts cooking bacon in the kitchen for when u finally get up.

4. A shirt with a picture of bacon on it.

5. National Bacon Day.


Pissin in the wind.

1. A street in the city that is only for females.

2. Lighters with different color flame.

3. Candy shop for adults. Cigarettes, knifes... The shop name is 'The Candy Shop'

4. A boat that is a free mobile hospital.

5. Secret passage ways under ground for police and city workers.


Floating Zoo

1. Floating zoo

2. Necklaces that give amazing neck rubs

3. Restaurant that serves the one best dish from each culture in the world.

4. Contacts that constantly shift colors

5. Golden eagles trained to break up domestic disputes


Girl Scout Cookies

1. Flavored prescription glasses

2. Girl Scout cookie ice cream sandwiches

3. Google contacts

4. Edible coffee mugs (made of slowly dissolving sugar)

5. Composting toilet with pneumatic tube to herb garden



1. Bike-mounted plows/snow blowers

2. Flavored hair spray

3. Re-usable newspapers: wax paper, rolling paper, paper towels

4. A tube from your mouth to hands/feet to keep them warm with your breath

5. Tea roulette, one secret terrible tea bag per box


Clogs For Dogs

1. Under-ice ice fishing shack

2. Actual ant farm, train enormous ants to farm for us

3. Solar powered pollution machine

4. Clogs for dogs

5. Hats for cats


Pistachio Pudding

1. Pistachio pudding fountains in place if water fountains

2. Permanent condoms

3. Timeless week, have no knowledge of what time it is

4. Cigarettes that make your mouth taste like shit for 3 days to help quit smoking

5. Electric grid streets to melt snow and power cars.


Insulated for warmth

1. Magic spray that turns your beard into an air filtration mask

2. Highlighter that fades after time so students can sell back their books and they won't be covered in highlighter.

3. Insulated condoms for girls with cold hearts. 

4. Colored powder capsules to make farts visible

5. Silverware you can eat to avoid doing dishes .


Big Ups to John McCain

1. GIant disposable cups.

2. Raison flavor orange juice.

3. Apples with chocolate logos stamped on them.

4. Blank canvases @ bus stops.

5. One word burnt on to the underside of the wine cork.


Idea Retreat Beta

1. 3D Printer that prints regular printers.

2. Dragon Naturally Speaking for Dogs.

3. Heated freeway system in winter.

4. Make a new friend by tickling a stranger.

5. Supplement pills you eat to dye your hair.


Grape Flavor

1. Make a physical interactive map of your life.

2. Shot glasses that change color when you pour a shot.

3. Make a movie about quitting smoking and testing your health. 

4. Grape flavored pensil erasers. 

5. Romantic dinner in a country field at night.  Summertime. Full moon.  


Moist Title

1. A magazine that proposes ideas that make the world better and asks people to help fund them.

2. Inner city turtle race.

3. Trash calculator. Estimates the amount of trash that was disposed of in your city daily.

4. Trash collectors, the TV show. A few guys round up food and valuables from dumpsters around the city. The season finale is a 4 day trek in to the biggest trash dump in the world!

5. Call Steve Eigenmann @ 763-226-9547


Dope Dope

Email Matt for cheap tickets: this show is gonna be dope.

1. Finger dance. A website like dance dance revolution for your fingers on the key board.

2. Quarterly post card service that sends you a funny post card to put on your fridge.

3. Real time Snap Chat Reality show.

4. An apple orchard called: Energy Orchard

5. The worlds biggest game of telephone!


House Key

1. Self cleaning socks.

2. Houses that has a tunnel to all the other houses on the block.

3. Cereal combos. All the different types of cereal mixed in to one box.

4. Keys that are also lighters.

5. Rugs with secret pockets on the bottom for house keys.


HO ho HO

1. Helicopter blades that light up, so when they spin, you get a show.

2. Community art gardens/studios 

3. Where's Waldo in real life

4. Spy vacations (a company that sets up a crime for you to solve/you get to pretend you're a spy)

5. World's biggest virtual bike race.



1. Jeans with a face on the crotch.

2. Online Live streaming party of people dancing in front of their computer all on one screen.

3. Pens with little shots of whiskey in them.

4. Flashlight/ lazer pointer.

5. Foot polish.



1. Instant Sushi. Not sure how, but this needs to happen.

2. Self sharpening knives. This might already exist...

3. Edible beer bottles.

4. Beer popsicles.

5. Self cleaning toilets... HOW DOES THIS NOT ALREADY EXIST?

Todays themes are beer and machines that fix themselves... oh and sushi.


Ghost Blog

1. Choose your own adventure youtube channel. 

2. Coffee cup friends. Coffee cups that have different friendly faces on them.

3. Pocket pets. Crickets in little glass bottles.

4. Pens made from recycled water bottles.

5. Half sharpie half dry erase marker. One on each side.


Cat pee

1. Lotion/ hair gel.

2. Coat buttons that look like eye balls.

3. Robot dog walker.

4. Window waterfall.

5. Secret compartment rings.



1. Make a pair of fake dirty underware and flaunt them in a public arena.

2. Have a record/LP party consisting of nothing but heavy metal on vinyl.

3. Write 10 poems about water (and one about soil mixed with water).

4. Wear an item of clothing that a loved one made or bought for you, and tell someone whom you're unfamilliar with about all the ways that it is special to you.

5. Have a candle party (no electrical light) and take lots of pictures of various lightplay.


Glitter Hot

1. glitter hot sauce

2. socks made of recycled clothes

3. wrapping paper made of old comic books

4. magnectic strips so you never lose the remote

5. boots with built in phone holders


Astijus Taujanskas

1. Get a group of homeless people together and start a band with them.

2. Read your shopping list aloud on the subway and then ask for donations for your performance

3. Get a cab driver to let you drive the cab for a bit.

4. Play a staring contest with passengers on subways.

5. Try to catch a pigeon.


White Meat

1. A deli meat that is al the meats mixed together.

2. Heated walls.

3. Clothing that plays music when you put it on.

4. Alternate memory implants for humans.

5. Ghost Police - Band name



1. Alcohol Intake Regulator timer. Tells you when to pour your next glass of fine whiskey so you enjoy it correctly.

2. Promotion for candy company: Put 1000 pieces of candy in little plastic balls that float. Pour them all in to a fountain for people to take.

3. Dolphin costumes that make them look like mermaids.

4. Ocean house. A house made to float safely and calmly through the ocean at all times.

5. Air real-estate sales.

Candy Bowl

1. Editable board game.

2. Coffee tube coming from work desks.

3. Remodel the whole farmers market to be really efficient and cool.

4. A line of fake band shirts and stickers.

5. Hats with candy bowls on the brim.

JL Beer


M for __

1. tanning booths that paint you different colors. 

2. ultra violet hair dye (funky colors that only show up under a black light).

3. a washing machine that folds & presses clothes.

4. e-beer

5. socially acceptable face paint.


Rope Clothing

1. Pad Thai soup.

2. Underground model train system to transport letters and food.

3. Drone bar tender.

4. Clothing made of rope.

5. Force feed a bird food coloring to make art on cars below.


Ocean Wave

1. Summer party in the winter. Bright lights, kiddy pool, summer music, wear swim suits.

2. Under water homes in lakes.

3. Elephant and other wild animal jewelry.

4. Create a small list of things you do not like. Do them all 3 times and decide if you really don't like it or not.

5. Canned coffee beans.



But Nothin'

1. Glass memory cards

2. Biodiesel tuk-tuk.

3. Cat room.

4. Paper blankets.

5. Cereal shaped like letters. Each box only has letters to spell a specific very complicated word.
Puzzle Crunch.

Black Camera

1. Paint over the brand names on your electronics with a complimenting color to personalize.

2. Make your own logo. Put them on stickers. Sticker ur stuff.

3. Pancake mix in spray can like easy cheese.

4. Cool kid rental. Rent the coolest kid to hang out with and learn from.

5. Kid leash. For young children and older kids that get side tracked really easily.



1. Christmas tree looking dress.

2. Stickers that have the same color green as street signs with the same white letters as the signs. Replace the letters in specific places to change the name of streets from Snelling Ave. to Smelling bAd .

3. A choreographed dance with many chickens.

4. A dance that takes up the whole city.

5. Non specific ideas that anyone can define on their own terms.


Road Trip

1. Burn incense while driving to make it cozy.

2. Make and sell a long MP3 CD specifically designed for a great road trip.

3. Clothes for cars. Car hats, car shirts. car pants…. you get the point.

4. Sunglasses that have a secret compartment for matches in them.

5. Emergency busses when it is really cold to pick people up and bring them to a warmer bus station for the same bus.


Liquid Containing

1. Holographic coats.

2. Eco friendly sunglasses.

3. Igloo with a hole in the top so you can have a fire inside.

4. Old christmas tree fire.

5. Liquid containing coat that you can fill with hot water.


The Winter Slipper

1. Camp in state parks in the winter then drive out with out paying because no one really goes there in the winter.

2. A food reviewer that does yelp reviews for every small town in the United States.

3. Wrap your 3 season tent in canvas to create a 4 season tent.

4. Check out one of the biggest dog sled races on Feb 1st - 2nd in Bayfield, Wi.

5. Water proof outdoor slippers for winter use.


Secret Viewer

1. A website that looks exactly like you are working on spreadsheet but is actually Facebook. For when you are supposed to be working.

2. Computer screens that are not visible from any other position than where the user is sitting.

3. Keyboards that recognize your finger print and log you in to correct user name when typing starts.

4. Moosestorage.ccom BIG cloud storage site

5. Use a powerful flashlight as a blinding defensive weapon when traveling.


Glove Box

1. Glow in the dark Highlighter. 

2. Free note books for everyone enrolled in school by Obama. 

3. Rollar coaster public transportation. 

4. Write a new religion. Leave copies of you bible in really obscure magical places for people to find. 

5. Computers with compartments in them like a glove box. 



1. Yolk drink. Liquid egg yolk in a bottle for sale at gas stations.

2. Flash Drives that look like bricks of gold.

3. Take a picture of 100 naked people in a public place.

4. Tattoo the name of a girl you don't know on your body as a joke.

5. Ice jewelry for outdoor winter events.  



1. Weigh your poops.

2. Use glue spray to preserve your poops

3. Take the poop challenge and try to run while pooping. 

4. Pee while riding a bike.

5. Poop contest. Who has the bigger/ more stylish poop. 



1. Ads for underwear that are three girls standing on a couch wearing only underwear.

2. Lotion shower to cure dry skin.

3. Dance effectiveness training.

4. Closed mouth syndrome for loud people.

5. Correct side up floating coffee cups.


OG Twist

1. Measuring tape I phone app.

2. Scale I phone app. Put something on the screen to weigh it.

3. Self shuffling cards.

4. Tree house apartments.

5. E vitamins. Vape away your cigarette habit with your daily dose of B12.


Great Day

1. Set up shop on the corner. Your job will be to help people with what ever they might need help with.

2. Over hanging ropes coarse sidewalks to get places quicker.

3. A bathtub that is a giant LCD screen.

4. Make and wear a fake badge.

5. A coat with secret holes in it to keep you cold.


Pocket Polly

1. A pet that fits in your pocket.

2. Dance instructional graffiti.

3. Stickers that change the #'s on phones to letters that confuse people because why is there no numbers on here?

4. Free red marker day.

5. Switch phones with a friend that has the same color and type of phone as you.


Get a Job

1. Band Aid .com a website for bands to get funding.

2. Paper with secret messages on it that light up with black light.

3. Store that only sells paper airplanes.

4. Puppy feast. Expensive microwavable dog food for when your doggy is very very good.

5. Wall paper made completely out of real leaves.



1.revolution of young people in america for reform of education, healthcare & distribution of power. 

2. Open an authentic Mexican restaurant in New Zealand

3. Star Wars Land (like Harry Potter Land

4. Nose Hats (for really cold days)

5. Improvamation (Improv based cartoon)


Fake Kiss

1. Fake lips to prank kiss your gf or bf.

2. Fake nipples that excrete slime.

3. A band that is referred to by a different name ever time it is mentioned.

4. Pubic Hair Gel.

5. Wall paper with the residents face on it in a pretty pattern.


Cargo Bin

1. Trash expander.

2. Underground road system for bikers.

3. Giant fake stomach for digesting garbage.

4. Two way mirror wind shields for cars.

5. Cargo bin seating for poor people to take flights.



1. A company that gathers all the food left over at restaurants to feed to livestock outside of city. 

2. Tripple sided tape.

3. Suction pipe system to send physical mail inside of city. 

4. A app that electrocutes you every time you try to open Facebook 

5. Remotes for regular house lights. 



1. Slingshot for sledding with no hill.

2. Shoes made from recycled sports products.

3. Chia Pet bathmat.

4. Penis shaped USB flash drive.

5. Chia Pet fake mustache.


1 full year

Thank you to everyone who reads my ideas, especially Oliver Kronmiller who told me that his whole mailbox was completely full with only emails from fiveideasaday.
I have done 5 ideas for every single day this year and I am very happy that sometimes people read them and participate.

Locker Room Snapper

1. Make it a custom to spend new years eve alone.

2. Make a list of things to do for the year ahead. Make a game to check them off before the next year.

3. Party boots that have lights in them and change color.

4. The guilt train. (album name)

5. Computers that can heat up when used in negative degree weather.



1. Velcro walls by door to hang coats on.

2. Tack board walls to tack anything anywhere.

3. Party vid chat. Video chat from your cool party to someone else's!

4. Convict reunion parties for people who spent time in the joint together.

5. Doggy skirts.


Frantic Jones

1. A playground made with only tires.

2. A water slide through a shark tank .

3. Science meals. A simple doctors appointment will determine your specific body nutrition needs. With the information gathered the scientists create a meal tailored to what would be most healthy for your body.

4. Paper bags with a little plastic window in them so you can see what is inside.

5. Crayon holster for belt.


Knocking on my door

1. Swiss Army brand Cell Phone.

2. Warp gun. A gun that heats things up so that they warm and look all weird.

3. Smoke pills that make the smoke of a fire not be annoying.

4. Mandatory party police. State mandated law that ensures people over 21 party hard at least once a year.

5. House memory boxes. A place to keep memories and pictures of the house from generation to generation.


Thank goodness for SNOW TIRES

1. Make a movie theater in your living room.

2. 1 Mini golf hole that has 13 holes. Only one does not lead back to the original putting area.

3. Dog hair gel.

4. Glow in the dark dog collars.

5. Eye contacts for dogs.


Idea Storm

1. Cars that can park vertically to use less space.

2. Cars that can fold up into smaller cars so they use less space when parked.

3. Earrings that are mirrors like on the side of cars so you can see all around.

4. Liquid filled computer mouse.

5. Speak easy movie theater.


Is that today?

1. Roads made out of recycled non recyclables.

2. Cough syrup cigarettes.

3. Whiskey bottle shaped like a trophie.

4. A cable channel that is only cute puppies and kitties.

5. Garlic Tea.


Post Me Online

1. Go Pro for Police dogs.

2. Rentable police dogs.

3. Cars with horn loudness/ sound settings.

4. Water glass with knitting needles going through the middle.

5. Musical Thumb Tacks that play music when used.


Last Leg

1. Double decker dock.

2. Secondary quieter police sirens that are more polite.

3. Scratch off tickets that are the 100% winners.

4. Measuring tape that has blank spots for that every number to fill out what ever you think is right.

5. See through quarters.



These are part of a game. 

How to play: 
Print this post - Cut out each idea - Put ideas in shoe box - shake box.
Pick 1 card at random.

You must do what ever the card you pick says.
No exceptions.

24 hr time limit.



These are part of a game. 

How to play: 
Print this post - Cut out each idea - Put ideas in shoe box - shake box.
Pick 1 card at random.

You must do what ever the card you pick says.
No exceptions.

24 hr time limit.



These are part of a game. 

How to play: 
Print this post - Cut out each idea - Put ideas in shoe box - shake box.
Pick 1 card at random.

You must do what ever the card you pick says.
No exceptions.

24 hr time limit.



These are part of a game. 

How to play: 
Print this post - Cut out each idea - Put ideas in shoe box - shake box.
Pick 1 card at random.

You must do what ever the card you pick says.
No exceptions.

24 hr time limit.



These are part of a game. 

How to play: 
Print this post - Cut out each idea - Put ideas in shoe box - shake box.
Pick 1 card at random.

You must do what ever the card you pick says.
No exceptions.

24 hr time limit.



These are part of a game. 

How to play: 
Print this post - Cut out each idea - Put ideas in shoe box - shake box.
Pick 1 card at random.

You must do what ever the card you pick says.
No exceptions.

24 hr time limit.



These are part of a game. 

How to play: 
Print this post - Cut out each idea - Put ideas in shoe box - shake box.
Pick 1 card at random.

You must do what ever the card you pick says.
No exceptions.

24 hr time limit.



These are part of a game. 

How to play: 
Print this post - Cut out each idea - Put ideas in shoe box - shake box.
Pick 1 card at random.

You must do what ever the card you pick says.
No exceptions.

24 hr time limit.


These are part of a game. 

How to play: 
Print this post - Cut out each idea - Put ideas in shoe box - shake box.
Pick 1 card at random.

You must do what ever the card you pick says.
No exceptions.

24 hr time limit.


These are part of a game. 

How to play: 
Print this post - Cut out each idea - Put ideas in shoe box - shake box.
Pick 1 card at random.

You must do what ever the card you pick says.
No exceptions.

24 hr time limit.



These are part of a game. 

How to play: 
Print this post - Cut out each idea - Put ideas in shoe box - shake box.
Pick 1 card at random.

You must do what ever the card you pick says.
No exceptions.

24 hr time limit.



These are part of a game. 

How to play: 
Print this post - Cut out each idea - Put ideas in shoe box - shake box.
Pick 1 card at random.

You must do what ever the card you pick says.
No exceptions.

24 hr time limit.



These are part of a game. 

How to play: 
Print this post - Cut out each idea - Put ideas in shoe box - shake box.
Pick 1 card at random.

You must do what ever the card you pick says.
No exceptions.

24 hr time limit.



These are part of a game. How to play:
Print this post - Cut out each idea - Put ideas in shoe box - shake box.
Pick 1 card from box at random.

You must do what ever idea is picked. No exceptions. 24 hr time limit.


Stray Dog

1. Open source online advertising agency.

2. Breakfast diner conveyer belt.

3. Tap dance on a moving car.

4. Make a ball maze in ur apartment.

5. Strap a camera to a stray dog.



1. Hot sauce flavored ice cubes.

2. Heated bike handles.

3. Bike plane.

4. Light up bike peddles.

5. Spicy maple syrup.



1. Breakfast / bike shop

2.  Glow in the dark hot sauce.

3. Dye to eat that makes you poop and pee different fun colors.

4. Swallowable Camera

5. Hammock between 2 moving cars.


Garden in your car.

1. Side car for bikes

2. Glow in the dark ice cubes.

3. Garden in your car.

4. 24 hour public transport company.

5. Surgically enhanced fingers with pen inside.



1. Shoe flash light.

2. Scratch and sniff menues.

3. Vibrating Floss.

4. Tastable menues.

5. Bacon flavored condoms.


Fake Fish

1. Water cleaner that looks and acts like a fish but is a machine and cleans the ocean.

2. Flavorless sauce.

3. Breaks on shopping carts to give you a work out.

4. Glow in the dark door handles.

5. Glow in the dark steering wheel for car.


Road On the

1. Light up road lines.

2. Salt crystal rings.

3. Machine that swings the jump rope for you.

4. Sweet potato hash browns.

5. Blue hot sauce.


3rd arm from the sun

1. Twitter confession booth.

2. Arm Twister. A game for people that are not sure if they wanna go.

3. Tennis ball guitar. A guitar made out of tennis balls.

4. Floor tag. Every time you touch the floor your it until you tag the floor back.

5. Plastic 3rd arm.


Cat Tongue.

1. Cat tongue wash rag.

2. Cat door in your car.

3. Trap door on the floor of your car.

4. Cat condoms.

5. Cat tongue sushi.


Twisted F

1. Beer flavored condoms.

2. Vibrating hair brush.

3. Vibrating bike seat.

4. Get fucked by the ocean.

5. Body suit that makes you able to fly and float/dive and tunnel underground.


Last One EVER

1. Fun day. (Everyone in the country gets $100 and the day off)

2. Mandatory gender swap day.

3. Shoes that you need to feed because they are alive some how.

4. Cat cams.

5. Real lighter in Smart Phones.


Pump Kin der garden

1. Pumpkin whipped cream.

2. Baseball hats with a small window in the brim.

3. Online jukebox. Pay 25 cents to add your song to the ever playing playlist for everyone to listen too. U can only add one song a month. 

4. Icicle earrings 

5. Glass baseball. 


Floor Dye

1. Candy flavored cigarettes.

2. Sparkler cigarettes  for 4th of July.

3. Name your cat Juice.

4. Sunday morning field trip service in the summer.

5. Floor washing fluid that dyes the floor a fun color.


Thanks for NOTHIN

1. A table that hangs from the ceiling. 

2. If you are a smoker and you want toget high: just stop smoking for a few hours. 

3. Free public housing along the side of the highway.

4. Noise music radio station. 

5. Coat made out of toilet paper.


Kidney Shaped French Press

1. Vest wearing contest.

2. Clothing that had pictures of your organs on them in the location that they really are.

3. Secret tunnel road for rush hour use.

4. Helipad landing spot for drones on window sill.

5. Kidney shaped french press.


Toad nipple

1. Hover craft wheelchairs.

2. Plastic surgery hollow toes to hide things in.

3. Holographic fake eyelashes.

4. A skyscraper with only one long floor that spirals up to the top. 

5. User profile Facebook store for each user. Similar to eBay but on for each fb user. 



1. Location that can be eaten.

2. Have a concert on a plane. 

3. YouTube post timeline showing where and when videos are posted.

4. Cars with digital windows that can be tinted or not.

5. Print wrong maps of your city and put them at the airport kiosk. 



1. Self tracker. See all the places you have been in your life. 

2. Screen window cars so bugs don't get in. 

3. Bike board. A snowboard and bike mixed together. 

4. Free city provided Internet.

5. Square pop cans. 


Post Money

1. A open building with many rooms with musical equipment inside to play for free.

2. Change your name to numbers instead of letters. 

3. Wart dye. Dye your wart blue!! 

4. Games to play on the highway on signs as you drive.

5. Mark your feet L and R wit tattoos.  


Me and you... and you and you and you.

1. Digital cemetery for everyone who has died.

2. Ginger Coffee. Put a ginger chew in the bottom of your coffee.

3. Pro Piracy advertising campaign.

4. Stroller that can turn in to a foldable chair for adults.

5. Drive in circles around the city.


Cherries on top

1. A magazine that lights up from inside the paper.

2. A Save Bad Art advertising campaign.

3. Magic shoes that turn in to different brand name shoes. Pick the shoe you want online sorta like netflix and your shoes will change in shape, color and style.

4. Pancakes with cherries in them.

5. Hard candy that looks like a mini person.


Stay in bed

1. Wake up early. Clean your house.

2. Write notes to everyone on your block telling them that you will do odd jobs for cash. 

3. Make a movie about going through your digestive system. 

4. Make a talk show set in your living room. 

5. Road trip the east coast. 


Vote for the Drug Budget.

2. Planes that have a smiley face on the front.

3. A company where people work from home on their computers. A person that works for the company comes around and makes sure your computer is working right and make you coffee in the morning.

4. Sticky prank key boards.

5. Wall paper for your house that is pictures of you from when you were a kid.



1. A talk show where the camera goes inside the person being interviewed. The rest of the show takes place inside someones body.

2. Hobo cooking class. Taught by real homeless people with food found on the street.

3. Make boxes next to trash cans for people to put still editable food in. (for people that look in trash for food)

4. Plane skiing. A rope behind the plane attached to a person wearing air skis.

5. Open house birthday. 2 days of open door policy. See who comes.


Urban Legend

1. Screen at your self in the mirror until you pass out. Tell the story to kids as if it were a ghost inside you instead of hyperventilation.

2. Take all the things you own and put them in a pile in the back yard. Sort through the things you do or don't want.  The pile of things you don't want is a burning fire.

3. Make the floor in your house play music when you walk on it like @ the science museum.

4. Wallets with memory card compartments.

5. Upside-down bed. Strap your self in.



1. A blog where you define what art is. Post a different perspective every week.

2. Make a list of the best artists in the city and how to get a hold of them.

3. Home made popcorn seasoning.

4. Home made flavored oil to pop popcorn with.

5. Cold popcorn with honey on top.



1. Pills that make your skin your favorite color.

2. Pills that change the color of your hair.

3. Cars with a smiley face painted on the front.

4. A kids book for Dr. Bronner's Soap. 

5. A candle that turns in to a sparkler at the end.


Tap Dance

1. A wireless key board that charges itself from the desk.

2. Phones that charge them selves wirelessly @ night.

3. Liquid chocolate vending machines.

4. Party at my house this friday.

5. Tap dance shoes with speakers to amplify the tap sound.


12 Times

1.  Offer your services on the internet. Tell people you will go anywhere in the world and take pictures of what ever they want as long as they pay for it.

2. Adderall coffee beans.

3. Water color machines that color your house water.

4. Phones that have a 'random' button. Push to call a random number for free!

5. Captain Underpants the cereal. Little underwear shaped crunchies.



1. Use kitchen spices for perfume/ cologne.

2. Head phones that are also a invisible bike helmet.

3. Clothing brand computer accessories. Nike Hard drive.

4. Warm milk in a bottle. Open the top and it activates the warming agent in the bottle.

5. Make this:


More movies.

1. A movie where people all sleep walk to the same spot then wake up.

2. A movie about a curious wild bear who stumbles in to an Alaskan town.

3. A movie about 2 roommates who are convinced that gold in under the floor boards.

4. A movie about a little girl who sings so beautifully that people consider her a real angel. 

5. A movie about feet that can talk to each other.   



1. A cigarette company that has 4 different options for packs. Each option would have a different level of nicotine so you can wean off while still smoking. The 4th pack would be something like candy cigs to quench your oral fixation.

2. Invisible bike helmet.

3. A drug that makes you sober instantly.

4. Pants with pockets on only the inside.

5. Shirts made from recycled paper.



1. Make a bookshelf out of a bed frame.

2.  Frame your boss for murder.

3.  Hang exposed wire from your door frame to electrocute intruders or yourself.

4.  Glasses frame that look like hands making glasses frames.

5.  Find an old painting frame a paint it silver with a jar of silver nail polish.

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